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World Spine Day 2019 Significance and Theme: A Day Made for the Importance of Exercising to Combat Back Issues

World Spine Day (Photo Credits: Wiki)

World Spine Day is observed on October 16 each year to make people see the importance of a healthy back. The day focuses on the problems with back pain and other spinal issues. World Spine Day promotes good posture, physical activity, responsible lifting and healthy working conditions and encourages people to take care of their spine and engage in required physical activities. An estimated one billion people suffer from back pain, regardless of the age. Dedicated spine experts aren’t that common around the globe and hence this day plays a vital role in spreading awareness among people. International Day of Yoga 2019: PM Narendra Modi Will Help You Perform Padahastasana for Flexible Spine and Reduced Belly Fat (Watch Video).

The World Spine Day was officially started by the World Federation of Chiropractic in 2012, with the aim to raise awareness about spine disorders and spinal health. Everyone on this planet has experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Even young kids have gone through it. Back pain can lead to several disabilities. From wrong posture to disabilities, there are a lot of things spine issues can do. How to Avoid Neck Pain at Work: Easy Tips to Prevent Sprains and Aches.


The World Spine Day tried to encourage people to engage in physical activities that can help their backs and neck. Every year, people from around the globe come together and participate in events and activities to know more about the importance of this by taking out time and exercising. In this sedentary lifestyle, we’re often sitting in one spot for our 9-5 jobs and that’s not good. Not only is it harmful to your back, but it’s also harmful to your health. Exercising and a good posture can soon be forgotten in this lifestyle. But it is important to take breaks from the chair and give your back a break. This will keep your back healthy in the long run and that’s the main goal of this day. World Spine Day suggests activities like a yoga class, fun run, or bike ride to keep your back fit.


The theme for 2019 is “Get Spine Active”. The theme calls for exercises that can be included in your every day like and can help your neck and back. The first theme was “Straighten Up and Move” which was for 2012.

Being active can be tough but it can be very helpful without you noticing. If you’re busy and can’t find ways to work out, try waking up 15 minutes earlier and practice some stretching yoga. Yoga is refreshing and helps you truly wake up. Try stretching and notice a difference in your back.