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World Post Day 2019 Date: History, Significance and Messages About Postal Services Everywhere

World Post Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

October 9 marks the celebration of World Post Day every year. This day marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in Switzerland. The start of this organisation fuelled a great beginning in global communications. It provided access to write letters all over the world. This day thus essentially highlights the importance of postal services. On World Post Day 2019, people on the internet are also exchanging messages about this day, sharing pictures of old stamps and sharing some facts about the day.

The first celebrations of World Post Day were in the year 1969 done by UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan. Countries across the world participate annually in the celebrations. It is also marked as a day to introduce new postal services and products. Postal systems are in operation for centuries and sending letters is one of the purest ways of communications, which has unfortunately lost its charm today. In the year 1948, UPU became an agency of the United Nations. Netizens are sharing messages about World Post Day online. Post Office Savings Account to go Digital: India Post to Offer Full Digital Service For Its 34 Crore Account Holders.

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Over the years as the internet and smartphone generation came in, the postal services aren’t utilised as much. But the charm of waiting for letters in the time of instant messaging will always remain. The postal services started a revolution which we will always be thankful for.