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World Mental Health Day 2019: Relatable and Funny Memes That Will Make People With Depression and Anxiety Go ‘Same!’

Relatable and Funny Memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10, annually. The day is celebrated to focus on the mental health issues the society is facing. As the years went by, society became more accepting and understanding of mental health. Going to therapists and battling a disorder was once considered a taboo to talk about. But the newer generation has tried its best to normalise this and now we can openly talk about this. Not only are people more understand and less judgemental towards mental illnesses, but people also try their best to help one another. The best coping mechanism this generation has found for their battles is memes. World Mental Health Day 2018: Theme, Significance and Objective of The Day Dedicated To Mental Disorders.

Memes can lighten everyone’s memes. Here are some memes on mental health that are too real and relatable. World Mental Health Day 2019: What You Should NEVER Tell a Depressed, Suicidal Person.

Why Didn’t I think of That?


Works Everytime

It Halp

Thanks, Society


What Will It Be?

It be like that sometimes but memes make it better. Laughter is the best medicine and this generation has cracked it and found a way to deal with things.