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What Is Benazir Kulfa? Pakistan Team Trolled for Eating High-Calorie Desert & Lacking Fitness After Losing to India in CWC 2019

Shahi Kulfa tweet has Pakistani team trolled (Photo Credits: Youtube and Twitter)

India’s win against Pakistan in the ICC Cricket world cup has kept Twitter high on Josh and happiness since yesterday. While there are praises flooding the internet for the Indian cricket team, the Pakistani cricket team is receiving its fair share of criticism. The best part is that Pakistani fans are being a sport and trolling their own cricketers for the loss and amongst many such trolls, one troll tweet that has caught everyone’s eyes!  A Twitter user who goes by the name, شاہ زیب خان @shzbkhn, made a joke by saying that the Pakistani team looked like they binged on food(famous delicacies of Pakistan) and the meme went viral in no time. While his intention was to share what he feels about the Pakistani team’s fitness, the tweet is going viral for a completely different reason. The tweet read: “Don’t call me a traitor, but look at the Indian players, they look like proper athletes, our players look like they’ve eaten two plates of waris nihari with feeqay ki lassi and Benazir Kulfa, all at once,” and now people are curious about what Benazir Kulfa was! Not just other people, the tweet caught the attention of ace journalist and author Barkha Dutt who when ahead to ask the person what Benazir Kulfa was. Sarfaraz Ahmed Caught Yawning During IND vs PAK ICC CWC 2019 Match: Pakistan Captain Trolled on Social Media, View Funny Tweets and Pics. 

Take a look at the tweet:

Take a look at the Barkha Dutt’s tweet:

What is Benazir Kulfa?

Kulfa is Pakistani sweet dish, more like the Indian Kulfi, made out of milk. This semi-solid ice-cream made out of condensed milk, nuts and sugar. Benazir Kulfa, however, is a small shop opposite Ashrafi building on Zanjani Road close to Main Boulevard Gulberg, Pakistan, that is extremely famous for its dessert. Kulfa, the quintessential Pakistani dessert is must try Pakistani delicacy.

How to make Shahi Kulfa at home?

Not just Benazir Kulfa but even the other two dishes the person mentioned, namely, “Waris Nihari with Feeqay ki lassi” has tempted people to taste them. No matter what, it should be on everyone’s bucket list to once try all the Pakistani delicacies especially their dessert. So plan your next trip to Pakistan for some Benazir Kulfa?