Vitamin D Deficiency Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

According to Research vitamin D deficiency may be a direct cause of multiple sclerosis (MS). Many people have insufficient levels of the essential vitamin (D). Multiple  Sclerosis the neurological disease that target brain and spinal cord.

These results are obtained after research of DNA of thousands inhabitants of European.

The research also revealed that Vitamin D received from the sunlight plays an important role. Scientists are already working to reduced or prevented multiple Sclerosis by giving additional vitamin D to people. However, they are still unable to reach a conclusion.


According to experts, it is likely that MS affects due to environmental and genetic factors and brain, nerves and spinal cord are affected.

If you think that you are not getting the required amount of vitamin D from sunshine and food, you should discuss this with your doctor. Taking high doses of vitamin D can be harmful.

After worldwide research, the study shows that multiple Sclerosis is common in countries where sunshine was less. But it is not clear what is actual reason and what factors are involved.

For better understanding about multiple sclerosis, the Canada’s McGill University researcher do a comparison in a large group of the European peoples who prevalence of MS, genetically deficient in vitamin D, Vitamin D deficiency common in sufferers.

This type of random genetic changes are often speculation is that this kind of relationship can be trusted. This type of genetic changes are random occur and often speculation is that this kind of relationship can be trusted.

Medicine palos journal published a Research in which it has been clear that loss of blood pressure in peoples is a sign of vitamin D As they are affected by genetic. The risk of Multiple Sclerosis is greater for peoples affected Genetically than ordinary peoples.

The multiple Sclerosis expert Dr. Susan Cole says, to find the causes of multiple Sclerosis many answers are in questions.

The government is considering to advised peoples live in UK ” less sunny Areas ” take extra vitamins.