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Vesak Day 2019 Celebrations in Singapore: Know About The Significance of Buddha Jayanti in Island Country in Southeast Asia

Vesak 2019 (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Vesak Day is a holy occasion which is celebrated by Buddhists around the world. It marks the birth of Siddharta Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha more commonly referred to as Gautam Buddha. Buddha Jayanti or Vesak is being celebrated on May 18 this year. But in Singapore, Vesak Day 2019 will be celebrated on May 19, Sunday. The celebrations for festivities of Vesak Day are marked very enthusiastically here. Vesak Day not just commemorates the birth but also the enlightenment and nirvana of Buddha. All Buddhists head to the temples and make their offerings. Vesak Day is also celebrated in other South East Asian countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. Buddha Purnima (Vesak) 2019 Date: Know Significance And Celebrations Associated With Buddha Jayanti.

Vesak is among the most significant days of the Buddhist lunar calendar. It is a national public holiday since the year 1955 after public petitions. After World War II, there was a movement to make Vesak Day a public holiday, with the Singapore Buddhist Association leading the petitions. As per their scriptures, Buddha’s birth, attainment and achieving Nirvana all happened on the same day in the lunar month of Vesak.

Vesak Day Celebrations in Singapore

The festivities of Vesak begin at the crack of dawn. A Buddhist flag is hoisted and people sing praises of Buddha, his teachings (Dharma) and the Sangha (his disciples). Buddhists gather at the temples in large numbers and make offerings of flowers, candles and joss sticks. On the day of Vesak, Buddhists reaffirm their commitment to living a moral and compassionate lifestyle. Locals engage in a ritual known as Dana, a way of showing generosity. The Dana is a time when people release caged animals and birds. People often make donations and charity for the poor.

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Candlelight processions are held through the city and they pray for peace all the while. Phor Kark See Temple on Bright Hill Road is one of the most interesting places to be during Vesak. Almost all Buddhist temples in the country have some programmes and activities for the devotees. A Vesak Carnival is also held by the Buddhist Fellowship. Another place which holds magnificent Vesak celebrations is The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, in the heart of Chinatown.

It is a time to remind all worshippers about the circle of life. Devotees believe that performing good deeds on Vesak Day will benefit and bless them. So there are elaborate festivities for the day held throughout the country of Singapore. It is a time of joy and peace.