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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 3 Finale Memes & Twitter Reactions


The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 finale aired bright and early this morning at 12 a.m. ET (or late last night, depending on what side of the country you’re in), and with it came a slew of topnotch memes, gifs, Twitter reactions and comments on the episode.

Season 3 has already had some varied reviews on audience reception, and so did the final episode. Although fans got to finally see June put Operation Mayday into action, many were left with a mixed sense of pride, satisfaction and disappointment when episode 13, titled “Mayday,” wrapped up, and where else do people go to share their thoughts on something as important as a television show? Why, social media of course, and The Handmaid’s Tale finale was spared no mercy.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the best and most devastating reactions to the season 3 finale episode of the show. But be warned: some of the memes, gifs and reactions may give away SPOILERS from last night’s episode, so turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you, or click on this link to read through a detailed recap of the episode to catch up.

The majority of the best memes from this season came from fans complaining about the camera closeups of June’s face during almost every single episode. The closeups were once used as a unique and impressive way to emphasize the importance of the scene and how June was feeling at that moment, and now they’ve just become complete overkill and too redundant. Fans complained on Twitter that the showrunners overdid the closeups throughout season 3 and felt they no longer had the same effect and even detracted from how powerful the camera angles once were in the earlier seasons.

“The Handmaid’s Tale has turned into a complete circus!” user Narvi Schwartz wrote. “Over dramatic scenes ALWAYS ending with an extreme close up of June’s face and her craning her neck towards the camera. WE GET IT! She’s pissed and can make really intense faces. How many times are we gonna see this shot?!”

Kath 2.0 echoed a similar sentiment, writing “The Handmaid’s Tale needs to absolutely calm the fuck down with these closeups.”

User Alayeni Silvermist wrote also felt the closeups of her eyes and face were overdone, writing “Can’t have a Handmaid’s Tale episode without this obligatory shot at the end now. It’s getting old. It’s becoming a running gag, not a helpful plot device,” while another user agreed that the closeups were becoming “samey.”

This guy actually made his own video to emphasize just how obnoxious the season had become with the closeups of June’s face.

Despite the overkill camera angles, plenty of fans were still excited for the season finale, and were on the edge of their seats waiting to see what was going to happen …

While others were just trying to cope with the ending of the season and all the feels that came with it.

Others weren’t as impressed with how rushed the season felt. One user joked that the season 3 writers were “shortening side stories and cutting plot development for more close ups of June’s face,” and added the recent viral balloon video to emphasize their point.

Some thought that Serena’s character was a bit hard to follow and went back-and-forth too often between wanting to help June escape Gilead and wanting to raise a baby that wasn’t hers, while also blaming Fred for all of the awful things she’d taken part in as a Commanders wife.

Did we miss any? Feel free to send us your favorite season 3 Handmaid’s Tale memes, gifs or reactions to [email protected] Also, be sure to check back on this author’s page from time to time throughout Tuesday and Wednesday (August 13 and 14, 2019) for more Handmaid’s Tale coverage.

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