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Solar Eclipse 2021: Can Surya Grahan Have an Effect on Pregnant Ladies? Myths and Superstitions From Around The World That Might Blow Your Mind

The world is dusting off its eye protective gear to witness a celestial phenomenon on June 10th. The solar eclipse, slated to be an annular solar eclipse in certain parts of the world, is quite a sight to behold. However, with the grandeur of this astronomical event comes a certain amount of superstitions and myths that create a bit of weariness among people of different cultures. It’s not just a full moon that has a bad rap amid the masses. The Solar eclipse comes with a fair bit of its own crazies that has no bearings in science.  A solar eclipse is a  scientific event that can be observed when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, either partially or fully covering the sun. But eclipses or Grahan as it is widely known as in India is considered quite inauspicious in many circles. Here are a few Superstitions and Myths that circle solar eclipse. 

  • According to Hindu mythology, Solar Eclipses occur when a beheaded but angry demon Rahu swallows the sun and the moon. Since his holding prowess is limited, he cannot sustain the collective forces of the sun and the moon in his mouth for too long and has a regurgitate it out after a few minutes. Ergo, why the eclipses don t last quite as long. The period is also known as Rahu Kaal
  • Ancient Greeks believed that eclipses were a sign that gods were angry with humans. These celestial events will lead to disasters and bring misery to people.
  •  According to Chinese myths, the celestial event is a sign that the dragon is eating the sun for lunch, thereby causing the eclipse. Then Zhang Xian, the god of birth, fires arrows at the dragon forcing it to hurl it out signalling the end of the eclipse.
  • Vietnam has its own – animal-swallowing-the-sun-spin on eclipses. They believe that a frog swallows the sun. and Its master, Lord Hahn, then convinces the frog to spit it out.
  • The animals gobbling the sun theory is quite popular among people. Norse legend belive that a wolf chased the sundown and ate it.

Superstitions served with a side of Myths

  • Rahu Kaal is considered highly inauspicious. People believe that demons are roaming about the earth with abandon hence people should stay indoors and worship is strictly forbidden. People also believe that they should chant mantras and refrain from cooking or consuming food at this time.
  • Many moons ago, People were forbidden to step out of their homes as it was considered to attract misfortunes upon one being. However, the misfortunes might be related to damage to the eye-sight that occurs when looking directly into the eclipse.
  • Pregnant women were forbidden to step out because it was widely believed that it would damage the foetus.   Not only were they supposed to stay inside but in some parts of India, they are not even supposed to sit with their legs crossed or cut vegetables during this time.

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