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Significance And Theme as Cancer Free Day

On September 22, World Cancer Free Day, or more commonly known World Rose Day is celebrated around the globe. World Rose Day is solely dedicated to those patients who are fighting from Cancer. People try to bring happiness on the faces of those who are battling for their lives with Cancer. On this day, awareness is also spread about cancer among people.

On World Rose day, roses, gifts, and cards are present to those who are suffering from Cancer as a gesture and to show supports to them. Roses are offered because these are the symbol of love, care, happiness, and admiration. That’s not only the reason why the rose is presented to Cancer patients. World Car Free Day 2020

World Rose Day 2020 Significance

In the honor and memory of a girl named “Melinda Rose,” the World Rose Day is celebrated. She was a 12-year-old girl from Canada when she was suffered from Askin’s Tumour (a type of rare blood Cancer) and according to Doctors she was only supposed to live 2 more weeks.

But, she was not willing to give up her life that easy and she fought for her survival until her last breath. Even in the last days of her life, she inspired a lot of peoples by writing encouraging and uplifting poems, letters, and email to many peoples.

World Cancer Free Day Theme

Even in her small span of a lifetime, she managed to live her life at fullest and enjoyed every day and moment of her life. There is a lot to learn from that little girl.

Welfare of Cancer Pantients

Cancer is very dangerous that takes the lives of many innocents and many managed to fight back their way back to lives. No matter what happens, we should always be by side of them and fill their every day full of happiness. It’s important to spread awareness about the disease and what causes it like tobacco products and alcohol is the major reason for Cancer.