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Republicans torch Biden over report that migrants released without court dates are disappearing into the US

Republicans torched President Biden over a recent report that tens of thousands of migrants caught illegally crossing the border were released without court dates, the vast majority of whom haven’t appeared at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices as directed.

Axios reported on Tuesday that the Biden administration released 50,000 undocumented migrants into the U.S. since March, with only 13% of them appearing to the ICE officials they’re supposed to meet.


The Biden administration’s decision to release illegal migrants into the U.S. without a notice to appear in court is an unprecedented move, Axios noted. Migrants are instead given a list of ICE office addresses and contacts, being told to go to one of them.

Stephen Miller, a former adviser to former President Trump, told Fox News in an exclusive Tuesday statement that the report “is just the tip of the iceberg from the data that we need.”

“But again, that’s all it is, a snapshot. We need all of the data pertaining to this administration’s catch and release policy,” Miller continued. “Every piece of it, so that we can have total accountability and we can have a complete public awareness.”

Miller said that we “shouldn’t have to scrap and claw in order to get these little snippets leaking out in stories” and quipped it was if as “though it was beneath the dignity of the Biden administration to provide this information to the public.”

“They have an affirmative obligation and duty to inform and advise the American public what they are doing in the public’s name and with public taxpayer dollars and with public resources,” Miller continued. “We all welcome every time there is a leak that can begin to shed some additional light on this open borders scheme.”

“The government itself needs to release official data pertaining to the extent, the scope, and the pervasiveness of catch and release across the entire southwestern border of the United States,” he added.

A plethora of Republicans shared similar sentiments, with Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, calling the border crisis a “complete disaster” and calling on the president and Vice President Harris to secure the border.

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., also weighed in on Twitter, writing that “[c]atch and release is Biden’s official policy” and accused the administration of “trying to sneak through massive amnesty.”

“The #BidenBorderCrisis is no longer a border state problem,” Rep. Lisa McClain, R-Mich., tweeted. “Illegal aliens flooding our border are coming to a town near you.”

Other Republicans tore into the president, as well.

The crisis at the southern border continues to grow more intense as critics grow louder in regards to the Biden administration’s handling of the issue.


The White House did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.