Ramadan 2019

Ramadan 2017 SMS Quotes Wishes In Arabic and Urdu | Quran Sayings

Ramadan 2017 SMS Quotes Wishes :- Get prepared as the sacred festival of Ramadan is about to start from May 28th to June 27th 2017. Everyone is quite excited for the festival and are filled with enthusiasm. As the temperature is very high during the month, it becomes difficult to perform the fast.But as we are filled with the feeling of devotion, the Allah gives us the strength to perform the fast. Encourage our new generation to celebrate the festival with zest and zeal so that they can also get closer to the Allah.

I request and pray to that  to god (Allah) when you are
fasting down He should forgive you for your sins which
Are made by you in mistake, and bless you
After the end of Ramadan with happy life.

While the night is staying onn in its way at Ramadan
Allah Talla May come to your dreams and tell you the
Secrets of life and giving you success in all
Way of life

I pray to Allah for good health, respect and prosperity of
You and your family members and Allah may bless you and
Shine you in this life

Behave to other politely, walk in correct way
Stuck your tongue to speak foul language ,
Then Allah may definitely come to heart and mind

May Allah fill your life with huge happiness and take away all
The darkness, with all the joys and happiness and
And take care of your loved ones
Ramadan Mubarak!!