Promising Kerala Youngsters Sajana and Mani Look to Resurrect Homes After Deluge

Promising Kerala Youngsters Sajana and Mani Look to Resurrect Homes After Deluge

Sajana S and Minnu Mani are two promising young female cricketers from Kerala. The former led Kerala U-23 side to the inter-state T20 title and recorded the fastest century in age-group women’s cricket in the 50-over format in India last season. Mani, who was the captain of the U-19 side, made her senior debut earlier this year. However, both players’ lives have undergone a drastic change in the last couple of weeks.The floods in the state of Kerala, which claimed over 300 lives and rendered thousands homeless, have damaged their homes in the district of Wayanad. Minu was safe at Kerala Cricket Association’s residential academy in Thiruvananthapuram but Sajana was caught in the middle of the deluge.

“For two to three days water was surrounding our house. It was very difficult for us to come out of our house,” Sajana told Women’s CricZone. She had to report in Alur on the outskirts of Bangalore for the Twenty20 Challenger Trophy on August 12 having been selecting for the India Green Squad. But days before the date, she found herself on a boat being rescued from her home.

“The rescue team came by boat and got us out. After that, I took the bus to Bangalore and reported in the team hotel as scheduled. Things are getting better. Water has reduced, but a lot of waste and mud is still in home.”

A little under four kilometres away from where Sajana lives, is the house of Mani. A third-year BA Economics student, Mani returned post the floods to find her house in disarray.

“Currently just a small shed in our home is in livable condition, where we are staying,” Mani said. “We are waiting for the rain to subside before we start the process of building a new home.”

Both players are now at KCA but have suffered massive setbacks back home. Women’s CricZone, an exclusive women’s cricket website, is currently raising funds to ensure that the players can regain their focus on their cricketing career.

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First Published: August 27, 2018, 7:41 PM IST