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Pride Month 2019: Ahead of Father’s Day, Pennsylvania Man Gives ‘Dad Hugs’ to Pittsburgh LGBTQ Parade Attendees

Pennsylvania Man Gives ‘Dad Hugs’ to Pittsburgh LGBTQ Parade Attendees (Photo Credits: Howie Dittman/ Facebook)

June is considered to be the revolutionary month of the year, as it honours the Pride Month, depicting the inclusion of LGBTQIA, an umbrella term for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual community. As significant as the day is, people, gather to observe the month, by participating in various pride parades. While the global event is headlined every day, something unanticipated took place, during the Pride Month 2019 at Pittsburgh. A man, named Scott Dittman, who is married to a woman and has two kids, joined the Pittsburgh Pride Parade. What made his visit special, is Dittman went on giving free “dad hugs” to all the LGBTQIA+ people presented at the parade. The viral images of the amazing person, giving fatherhood feel to all the people at the Pride Parade has left the internet emotional. June LGBT Pride Month 2019 Marks Stonewall 50th Anniversary. 

Dittman, who is from Pennsylvania, showed up at the Pittsburgh Pride Parade 2019 event donning a T-shirt that made some of the parade goers emotional. His T-shirt said, “Free Dad Hugs.” He walked around the Pride Parade and gave out hugs throughout the day, to everyone who needed. Dittman’s affectionate behaviour, also highlighted the fact that Father’s Day also falls in June, when we celebrate Pride Month. It was posted his Pride Parade experience that he decided to share through Facebook. WhatsApp Stickers, Dad Quotes, GIF Images, SMS and Greetings to Wish Your Father on This Special Day. 

Here’s the Viral Post

The 44-year-old, Dittman, heard one of his friend Denna was heading to Pittsburgh Pride with free Mom hugs, an organisation that assists LGBT people and also provide hugs at Pride events. Explaining the moment, when the first person hugged him, Dittman told the BuzzFeed News, “I turned around and she’s just standing there in front of me with tears in her eyes. She just threw her arms around me and just thanked me over and over and over again.” The second person Dittman hugged was a young man, who told him, that he was abandoned by his parents, when he came out about his sexuality at the age of 19. “He just sobbed and sobbed and thanked us,” said Dittman to the portal. “He just melted. It was an honour to be involved in that, but it was terrible at the same time,” Dittman added further.

A queer event full of young people, some of who have been abandoned by their parents because of their sexuality, dad hugs stands as a whole new meaning. Dittman’s generous behaviour, made him a supercool online sensation overnight and people just cannot stop sharing #LoveisLove on the prestigious Pride Month.