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Pitru Paksha 2020 Starting Date And Full Schedule: Know The Significance of Shradh And Rituals Related to the Hindu Observance

The Pitru Paksha in a Hindu observance, which is a period when people pay homage to their deceased ancestors by performing various rituals and prayers. As per the Amavasyant calendar, Pitru Paksha falls in the month of Bhadrapada, Krishna Paksha. For those who follow the Purnimant calendar, it falls in the month of Ashwin. Only the names of the month are different, the dates remain the same. People perform rituals called Shradh and Tarpanam rituals on the day to remember their loved ones who did not live with them. Pitru Paksha starts on full moon day (Purnima), also called Poonam or Pournami in Tamil. Pitru  Paksha 2020 begins on September 1 and ends on September 17.

The period is also known as Pitri Pokkho, Solah Shraddha (“sixteen shraddhas”), Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya Paksha and Apara Paksha as per different cultures and beliefs. The 16-day period of great significance in the Hindu community as they believe that dissatisfied souls of the deceased return to the Earth to see their family members. To quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger, relatives of the dead make Pind Daan, a method of offering food consisting of cooked rice and black sesame seeds. Pind Daan to believed to please the souls of the dead. People offer prayers and perform rituals to help their souls and relieve them from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Pitru Paksha 2020 Shradh Dates

Serial No. Date Day
1 September 1 Purnima Shradh
2 September 2 Pratipada Shradh
3 September 3 Dwitiya Shradh
4 September 5 Tritiya Shradh
5 September 6 Chaturthi Shradh
6 September 7 Panchami Shradh
7 September 8 Sashti Shradh
8 September 9 Saptami Shradh
9 September 10 Ashtami Shradh
10 September 11 Navami Shradh
11 September 12 Dashami Shradh
12 September 13 Ekadashi Shradh
13 September 14 Dwadashi Shradh
14 September 15 Trayodashi Shradh
15 September 16 Chaturdashi Shradh
16 September 17 Sarva Pitru Amavasya Shradh

The Pitru Paksha is also a significant period for people with the curse of the ancestors or Pitru Dosha. They perform Shradha rituals and offer food to crows, which are believed to be the representatives of the dead. By eating the food provided by people, the crow suggests that the ancestors are pleased by their actions. However, if the bird refuses to have the food offered to them, then it indicates that the dead are displeased by their actions.

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