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National Hot Dog Day 2019: Why Is Hot Dog Called So? And It May Have Something to Do With Canines

Hotdog (Photo Credits: File Image)

Hot Dog, footlong, frankfurter, wiener call it anything, the lip-smacking delicacy has always been in the top favourite street-side snacks list ever. A tasty banger in a bun, is the most sorted food with minimum effort that any taste buds can relish upon. The sausage delight that you munch on so fondly has had quite a significant journey. On July 17, 2019, the United States of America celebrates National Hot Dog Day, promoting the street-side snacks which is very popular among students for being affordable and ease preparations. However, at some point, all hot dog lovers have had one thought in mind—why is Hotdog called so? Is it anywhere related to the pooches? What if we say, that junk food may have something to do with canines! Know History & Significance of Celebrating The Frankfurter. 

Hot Dog is a grilled or steamed link-sausage sandwich, in which the sausage is placed in the slit of a partially sliced bun. Originally hailed from Germany, the snack was important from the nation to the U.S. where it became the food on the go. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council in the USA declared July as National Hot Dog Month and the day varies every year. This year, Hot Dog Day falls on July 17. But why a hotdog, called a “hot dog?” Know a brief history of how they got their iconic name.

Why is Hot Dog Called So?

The term “dog” has been used as a synonym for sausage since the 1800s. There is no valid theory on the usage of the term, but only thoughts. Some think that those thin sausages contained dog meat. This suspicion is partly justified, considering the food originated from Germany and that in the early 20th century, consumption of dog meat was common. Another story states recall Harry M Stevans, an American sports concessionaire whose vendors sold the German sausages and rolls to the audience at the old New York Polo Grounds and they called the snack as “Hot Dachshund Sandwiches.” The use of the complete phrase hot dog about sausage was coined by a cartoonist who wanted to sketch the stall of the popular baseball ground. The journalist could not spell, “dachshund,” and referred to the food as “hot dogs.” However, the archival cartoon has never been found.

These are the theories that people have been implying to the origin of the iconic name, Hot Dog. Footlongs, frankfurters, wieners or hot dog, we just can’t stop loving this sausage. And there is no wonder that the street food is ruling our hearts for hundreds of years now.