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National Handshake Day: From the Itty Bitty Handshake to the Best-Friends One, Here Are the Various Types and What It Says About Your Personality!

National Handshakes Day 2019 (Photo Credits: File photo)

The last Thursday of each June, aka this year June 27 is celebrated as National Handshakes day. And if you are wondering why handshakes are such a big deal then please retrospect, aren’t handshakes the most common form of greeting that we resort to? A perfect way of greeting people that consists of a limited amount of physical contact yet is so appealing. The history of handshakes dates long back as it is one of the easiest non-verbal modes of communication, that may have existed before written records. Video: Virat Kohli and Tim Paine Exchange ‘Frosty Handshake’, Mitchell Johnson Calls Indian Captain ‘Silly’ and ‘Disrespectful.’

However, in today’s modern day and age, when we have understood the form of greeting so well, handshakes can easily be divided into different types. It is no rocket science to understand if the handshake was affirmative or negative, but still, here are a few common types of handshakes that exist:

Firm handshake: This type of handshakes show that you are really interested in the person you are shaking hands with. This type of handshakes shows that you care about the person and are willing to hear more from that person.

The itty-bitty handshake: As the name suggests, the itty-bitty handshake is about being a little hesitant to meet or talk to the person you’re shaking hands with. Usually characterised by only touching the ends of the hand or half of the hands. Sometimes this kind of handshakes come from germophobes as well.

The lousy handshake: The not-so-firm handshake shows that you do not care about the person much and are just shaking hands for the sake of it. The lousy handshake shows disinterest and may not signal a lot of positivity from you.

The best friends handshake: This can be more than just handshakes, you may have your own, weird way of shaking hands, for example, the nose style from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. When you shake hands this way it shows that you are really close with the person you’re shaking hands with.

The grateful handshake: This usually comprises of the person shaking hands using both the hands more like a handshake hug. The person shaking hands covers the hand using both the hands, both the palm side and the back side of the hand.

Here’s a funny version of types of handshakes that exist:

Handshakes can be of as many types as you want it to be! Like the awkward handshake, the fist bump and the crazy handshake are a few of many handshakes that exist! Well, no matter what type, the handshakes should always be positive and spread happiness, what say?