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National Handshake Day 2019: List of Some of Donald Trump’s Most Awkward Handshakes

Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump (Photo Credit: ANI/File)

The National Handshake Day is observed across the United States on last Thursday of each June. This year, people in the US will observe the National Handshake Day on June 27. The handshake is one of the most common forms of greeting. While a warm handshake hints at a cordial relationship between the two persons, US President Donald Trump’s handshake often leaves the receiver in an awkward situation. Donald Trump Criticised on Twitter As He Broke the Royal Protocol Twice! Walks in Front of the Queen Elizabeth

A common understanding is that the handshake originated as a gesture of peace and cooperation. But Donald Trump uses handshakes as a weapon in his games of one-upmanship. The US President, during handshakes with leaders of other countries, mixes hand patting, like shoulder touching or back patting apparently to show his dominance. His longer than normal handshakes have left many world leaders in an awful situation.

On this National Handshake Day, we compile a list of some of Donald Trump’s most awkward handshakes.

  • Handshakes with French President Emanuel Macron: The United States’ President Donald Trump had many awkward moments while shaking hands with Emanuel Macron. Both the leaders first met in May 2017. Both the leaders held each other’s hands so tightly that their knuckles turned white. Meanwhile, during Trump’s visit to Paris, instead of the repeated effort of Macron to pull away, Trump did not leave the French President’s hand. This handshake lasted for about 30 seconds.

Video of trump’s longest handshake with Macron:

  • ASEAN-Way Handshake: During ASEAN Summit in November 2017, after failure in the first attempt, Trump managed to execute the handshake by connecting with fellow partners Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. However, previous US presidents also failed at ASEAN-Way handshake.

Video of Trump’s ASEAN-Way Handshake:

  • Handshake with Barrack Obama: During the first official meeting with his predecessor, Trump failed to have eye contact with Obama. Throughout the handshake, he kept looking at Obama’s tie.
  • Handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: The Famous 19-second handshake with Japanese PM in February 2017 grabbed headlines. During the famous handshake, Trump pulled and patted Abe many times.
  • Handshake with Justin Trudeau: Both the leaders held each other’s hand tightly. The Canadian PM clasped Trump’s right shoulder, while the US President grabbed Trudeau’s right shoulder.

Video of Trump’s handshakes with Shinzo Abe, Justin Trudeau:

Handshake is one of the most common greetings between two people. Many researchers are of the opinion that the handshake originated in the Western world. It also considered as a gesture of peace. Many people also believe that handshake reveals the character of a person.