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National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Recipes: 4 Healthiest Ways to Make Chocolate Ice-Cream at Home so That You Can Enjoy Your Dessert Guilt-Free

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (Photo Credits: Pexels File Photo)

Ice-cream is the food of God, no doubt about it. Even when you’ve had a full-fledged three-course meal, there is always space for some chocolate ice-cream, after all, ice-cream satisfies your soul, not your stomach! However, we can’t even turn our backs to what ice-creams do to our health. Not only are they high in calories, and but act as an easy way to eat excessive amounts of easy sugar because they taste so good. Ice-creams if not directly made out of natural fruits have little or no nutritional value but have plenty of calories, salt, and fats. Moreover, ice-creams are one of the worst junk foods that pave the way for Type-2 diabetes and obesity. As an alternative, you may want to make your own version of healthy ice-cream at home to enjoy the dessert using healthier ingredients and significantly less (or no) sugar. Don’t Refreeze Melted Ice Cream! It Could Lead to Food Poisoning, Warns Expert. 

Here are some of the healthiest ways to make chocolate ice-cream:

Healthy Raw Vegan Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Vegans can enjoy chocolate ice cream, guilt-free without dairy by using this recipe that uses bananas and dates.

Healthy Raw Vegan Chocolate Banana Ice Cream (Watch video)

Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream With Nuts

Love cocoa filled chocolate ice cream but can’t think of ways to make ice-creams that won’t involve too much sugar? Adding nuts to chocolate ice-cream doesn’t just enhance the taste but also increase its nutritive content. Here’s an easy chocolate ice cream recipe that can come to your rescue.

Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream (Watch video)

Keto Cookies and Crème Ice Cream

If you are following a Keto diet and want to cut down on carbs and increase your fat intake, this Keto Cookies and Crème Ice Cream Recipe is perfect for you. Plus cookies and creme combo is yummy so no compromise on taste!

Keto Cookies and Crème Ice Cream (Watch video):

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocochip

Choco chips make anything taste better! This easy recipe that will help you make healthy chocolate ice cream with choc chips at home, is just a perfect treat you can give yourself.

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocochip (Watch video)

You must remember that no matter what you eat, if you don’t manage to eat it in moderation, no amount of healthy ingredients is going to act nutritive for you. It is important to eat in small portions to maintain a healthy weight.