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Mohini Ekadashi 2019 Date And Significance: Know All About The Vrat, Puja Vidhi And Shubh Muhurat Of This Auspicious Day

Mohini Ekadashi 2019 Image, wallpaper (Photo Credits: File Image)

Mohini Ekadashi 2019 is being celebrated on May 15. The day is believed to be an auspicious one in Hindu religion and is celebrated by devotees by observing a fast. The day celebrates Lord Vishnu’s disguise as Mohini. It is celebrated on the eleventh day during the Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of ‘Vaisakha’. The day falls usually in April or May. While in North India, it is celebrated in the Vaisakha month, in Tamil calendar, it falls in the month of ‘Chithirai’. In the Bengali and Malayalm calendars, Mohini Ekadashi falls in the months of ‘Jyestho’ and ‘Edava’ respectively. The mention of Mohini Ekadashi can be found in Surya Purana. Amalaki Ekadashi 2019 Date and Time: Know Tithi, History and Vrat Significance of This Auspicious Day Worshipping Lord Vishnu.

Tithi and Parana Muhurat

According to Drik Panchang,

Ekadashi Tithi Begins – 12:59 PM on May 14, 2019

Ekadashi Tithi Ends – 10:36 AM on May 15, 2019

Parana (fast-breaking) time – 05:34 AM to 08:15 AM on May 16, 2019

Puja Vidhi

The person observing the Mohini Ekadashi fast must wake up before sunrise on the auspicious day and apply a paste of sesame (til) on their body and take a bath. You must then decorate a Kalash with a red cloth and worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Ram by offering fruits and flowers to their idols. You should then distribute the prasad and give dakshina to Brahmins.

It is said that you must not consume rice on the day of Mohini Ekadashi. One must also not eat food offered by outsiders on this day. It is said that your Mohini Ekadashi vrat will be successful if you stay away from negative thoughts like those of anger and jealousy.

History And Significance

It is said that when Amrit came out of the ocean, the Devtas and Daityas had a dispute over who would consume it. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu then came disguised as Mohini, a beautiful woman. While the Daityas were busy appreciating Mohini’s beauty, the Devtas consumed Amrit. Since it is believed that this happened on Ekadashi, the auspicious day came to be known as Mohini Ekadashi.

It is said that fasting and worshipping Lord Vishnu on Mohini Ekadashi brings good fortune. Legend has it that Lord Ram also observed the Mohini Ekadashi fast during his search of Sita. The fast was also observed by Yudhishthira during the Mahabharata.