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Lunar Eclipse of July 16, 2019: Tips for Pregnant Women during Chandra Grahan or Sutak Kaal; List of Dos and Don’ts

Lunar eclipse (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

On July 16, 2019, the world will witness a lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan. In India, the eclipse will manifest completely on July 17 midnight. In the partial lunar eclipse, the earth will come between the sun and moon, which will be hidden in the planet’s shadow. The Chandra Grahan can be witnessed in India at about 0:10 am when it enters penumbra and 1:30 am when it slips into the umbra. It will exit at around 4:30 am out of the umbra and around 6 am out of the penumbra. Although today, eclipses are understood as an astronomical phenomenon, many still believe in the religious myths associated with it. Pregnant women are told to be extremely careful during this time as eclipses are known to cause problems during pregnancy. Here are some of the rules to be followed by expectant mothers during the Chandra Grahan 2019. Lunar Eclipse 2019: Date and Sutak Time in India for Chandra Grahan.

Observe a Fast

An expectant mother is supposed to follow a proper diet for the well-being of her unborn child. But during eating during the eclipse can be dangerous according to ancient Indian wisdom. The radiation of the moon during the eclipse was believed to contaminate food. Pregnant women are therefore advised to fast during the lunar eclipse. Can Pregnant Women Step Out During Surya Grahan or Sutak Kaal? List of Dos and Don’ts.

Preserve Food with Tulsi Leaves

If the pregnant woman wants to consume something during the eclipse, the food should be mixed with tulsi leaves. It is believed that the medicinal properties of the holy basil help repel some of the negative effects of the lunar eclipse.

Do Not Touch Sharp Objects

Pregnant women are forbidden from touching sharp objects such as needle, scissors, knives, blades, etc. Ancient Indians believed that touching these things will adversely affect the child, causing congenital birth defects such as cleft lip.

Avoid Stepping Out

During lunar eclipse, the air and the atmosphere can turn toxic. Since pregnant women are particularly vulnerable, they should avoid stepping out during the time of Chandra Grahan.

Throw Out Cooked Food From the Night Before

Once the eclipse has passed, pregnant women should cast out any food that was prepared the night before. It is said that the food cooked before the lunar eclipse can turn poisonous. So after the Chandra Grahan, prepare fresh food by discarding leftovers.

Does Lunar Eclipse Affect Pregnancy?

Science describes lunar eclipse as an astronomical phenomenon with little or no effect on life on earth. The belief that it can affect pregnancy is only a myth. So far, no study has been able to prove it. But if you believe in ancient wisdom, you are free to follow the rules. However, bear in mind that there are risks involved. And for a pregnant woman, it could have lasting consequences on her and her unborn baby’s health.

Fasting for long hours may not be advised during pregnancy because it can cause dizziness, headache and even fainting spells. To put a curfew during the lunar eclipse can also be inconvenient. It’s also risky to follow the restrictions without consulting your doctor or a gynaecologist.