Lanka Steady After Early Double Blow

Sri Lanka vs England, 1st Test Day 2 at Galle Live Scores: Lanka Steady After Early Double Blow

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Latest Updates: England were all out for 342 in their first innings on day two of the opening test against Sri Lanka on Wednesday. Debutant Ben Foakes topscored for the tourists with a sparkling 107, while off-spinner Dilruwan Perera was the pick of the Sri Lankan bowlers, claiming 5-75.Day 1 Report: England’s Ben Foakes made a memorable debut to help the tourists recover from a terrible start and reach 321 for eight wickets on the opening day of the first test against Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

With England reeling at 10 for two and then 103 for five, even the 200-mark looked difficult but Foakes forged 50-plus stands with Jos Buttler and Sam Curran to drag them back into the contest.

Foakes, replacing the injured Jonny Bairstow in the side, was batting on 87 at stumps, having been impressive with his batting while his glovework remains to be seen.

Jack Leach was on 14 at the other end after quite a turnaround by the tourists in the last two sessions.

England had earlier made an unconvincing start to life following the retirement of stalwart Alastair Cook after captain Joe Root opted to bat first to avoid the prospect of having the final innings at a famously spin-friendly venue.

It was the early pace of Suranga Lakmal, however, that undid the top order of a side playing their first test without England great Cook who left the international arena in September.

Opener Rory Burns (nine) disappointed on his test debut and Moeen Ali failed to justify his promotion to number three as Lakmal claimed two wickets in two balls.

Root denied Lakmal a hat-trick and started the rebuilding job, initially at a run-a-ball rate, with Keaton Jennings.


Sri Lanka wasted both their reviews inside 12 overs but it was the golden arm of retiring 40-year-old Rangana Herath that ended Root’s 62-run stand with Jennings.

Herath, given a guard-of-honour by his team mates ahead of his 93rd and final test, yorked an advancing Root to claim his 100th wicket at the venue where he made his test debut in 1999.

Root hit five boundaries in a fluent 35 before paying for his recklessness.

Dilruwan Perera (4-70) dismissed Jennings for 46 and Ben Stokes for seven in his second spell, clean bowling both the left-handers.

Buttler and Foakes sensibly abandoned the ultra-aggressive batting which had cost England dear in the morning session and combined in a 61-run stand for the sixth wicket.

Even after Perera dismissed Buttler for 38, Foakes raised 88 runs with Curran, who hit three sixes before falling for 48, while Adil Rashid contributed a quickfire 35 down the order.

Commentary (Sri Lanka innings)

10.3 Sam Curran to Silva, Stays back on the back foot and turns it off his pads to mid-wicket. 32/2

10.2 Sam Curran to Silva, A touch short in length again, around off, de Silva pats it down from the crease to point. He played it with gentle hands so that he can pinch a run but ended up hitting it too well. 32/2

10.1 Sam Curran to Silva, Back of a length delivery on off, de Silva goes on his back foot in defense. 32/2

Change of ends for Sam Curran.

9.6 J Leach to Mendis, On middle, the batsman works it to short leg. 32/2

9.5 J Leach to Mendis, The batsman has pushed it to the cover region. 32/2

9.4 J Leach to Mendis, On the shorter side, Mendis guides it towards point. 32/2

9.3 J Leach to Mendis, Floated on the stumps, Mendis drives it to covers. So after the first ball of his first over, we haven’t seen any ball turn after that. 32/2

9.2 J Leach to Mendis, On the stumps, kept out with ease. 32/2

9.1 J Leach to Mendis, This is on middle, Mendis lunges and keeps it out. 32/2

8.6 J Anderson to Silva, Fuller on off, Dhananjaya drives it to mid on. 32/2

8.5 J Anderson to Silva, Good length outside off, the batsman once again shoulders arms. 32/2

8.4 J Anderson to Silva, Back of a length on off, Dhananjaya tries to defend but gets an inside edge onto his pads. 32/2

8.3 J Anderson to Mendis, The ball comes back in late this time, Mendis somehow gets his bat down in time and works it towards square leg for a run. 32/2

8.2 J Anderson to Mendis, Around off and it comes back in a little late. Not enough to make the batsman play though. 31/2

8.1 J Anderson to Mendis, On a length outside off, Mendis leaves it alone. 31/2

7.6 J Leach to Silva, The batsman has punched that ball through the off side. 31/2

7.5 J Leach to Silva, On the shorter side, Dhananjaya pushes it to covers. 31/2

7.4 J Leach to Silva, Flatter and on off, Silva keeps it out. 31/2

7.3 J Leach to Mendis, Gives it air on off, Mendis eases this down to long off for a run. 31/2

7.2 J Leach to Mendis, This is angled into the batter, it is the straighter one. Mendis plays it very late and onto the ground. 30/2

7.1 J Leach to Mendis, BEAUTY to begin with. Turn and a good amount of it. Tosses it up around off, Mendis lunges and tries to keep it out. The ball spins away and beats the outside edge. 30/2

Jack Leach is into the attack.

6.6 J Anderson to Silva, On a length and around off, the batsman defends it onto the ground. 30/2

6.5 J Anderson to Silva, On the shorter side this one outside off, Dhananjaya pushes it to covers. 30/2

6.4 J Anderson to Silva, Crisply driven back towards the bowler who stops it with his foot. Saves another certain boundary. 30/2

6.3 J Anderson to Silva, Angles this into the off stump, the batsman keeps it out. 30/2

6.2 J Anderson to Silva, Runs but not in convincing manner. On a length and around off, Dhananjaya goes for the drive on the up but the ball goes off the outside edge through backward point for a couple. 30/2

6.1 J Anderson to Silva, Very full and this one comes back in a touch. The batter drives it to mid on. 28/2

5.6 Sam Curran to Mendis, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! This time through mid off. Curran pays the price for over-pitching as he is driven straight down the ground. Good over for the Lankans, 9 from it. 28/2

5.5 Sam Curran to Mendis, FOUR! Save your legs, you do not need to run for those. Full and on the pads, Mendis hits it right off the middle through mid-wicket and the ball races away. 24/2

5.4 Sam Curran to Mendis, Another length ball and just outside off, Mendis shuffles across and keeps it out. 20/2

5.3 Sam Curran to Mendis, On the shorter side this time and gets it to bounce at a good height. Mendis gets right behind the line and defends it onto the ground. 20/2

5.2 Sam Curran to Mendis, Goes fuller again but it is outside off, left alone. 20/2

5.1 Sam Curran to Silva, No swing into the batsman this time as it is angled across. Dhananjaya pushes it towards wide mid off for a run. 20/2

4.6 J Anderson to K Mendis, EDGED AND THROUGH! FOUR! Back of a length on off, Mendis goes after it away from his body. The ball takes an outside edge and goes through the slip cordon for a boundary. Another brilliant over from Anderson. 19/2

4.5 J Anderson to Mendis, BEAUTY! Angles this one into the batsman first which means he has to play at it. Gets it it straighten late. Mendis is beaten. 15/2

4.4 J Anderson to Mendis, On middle this time, trying to hit the pads of Mendis. The batter though gets his bat in between and keeps it out. 15/2

4.3 J Anderson to Mendis, Good length on the off pole, Mendis gets behind the line and is solid in defense. 15/2

4.2 J Anderson to de Silva, Back of a length on middle, it is tucked towards mid-wicket for a quick run. 15/2

4.1 J Anderson to Silva, On the fuller side on off, Dhananjaya goes for a drive but he gets it off the inner half towards mid on. 14/2

3.6 Sam Curran to Mendis, FOUR! But lucky, very lucky. Another full ball outside off, Mendis is first drawn into a stroke but he tries pulling out of it. He though is too late to do so. The ball hits his bat’s lower portion but luckily for Mendis it is away from the fielder at gully. Races down to the third man fence. 14/2

3.5 Sam Curran to Mendis, Good leave this! On a length and around off, Mendis covers his off pole and shoulders arms. 10/2

3.4 Sam Curran to Mendis, Top, top stuff! He angles this one across from the off pole. Mendis makes a leave. Get ready for the in-dipper now. 10/2

Kusal Mendis is the next man in.

3.3 Sam Curran to Silva, OUT! Plumb in front and Sri Lanka are in some early trouble here. Trademark Sam Curran that one. Full and tailing back in late. Silva tries to drive it with not a lot of foot movement. He does not account for the movement into him and gets hit on the pads. The players start appealing and the umpire raises his finger straightaway. Not a good return into the Test team for Kaushal as he walks back with his head down. Good thing is that he didn’t go for the review. 10/2

3.2 Sam Curran to Silva, Good bowling! In the corridor of uncertainty. Silva does not play at it. 10/1

3.1 Sam Curran to Silva, On the fuller side outside off, the batsman shoulders arms to it. 10/1

2.6 J Anderson to Silva, On off again and it is defended. 10/1

2.5 J Anderson to Silva, On a length and on off, kept out. 10/1

2.4 J Anderson to Silva, Goes fuller this time around off, Silva pushes it to covers. 10/1

2.3 J Anderson to de Silva, Almost played it on there! It was the inswinger this time and maybe the effort ball also as it bounces a lot more than usual. Dhananjaya tries to keep it out but he gets an inside edge. It bounces just beside the stumps and goes behind. Dhananjaya though was aware to push it away but that was not needed. 10/1

2.2 J Anderson to Silva, Good rotation of the strike again! Silva this time plays it with soft hands towards point and scampers across for a run. 10/1

2.1 J Anderson to Silva, Good running! Dhananjaya taps this towards cover-point and gets to the other end quickly. 9/1

1.6 Sam Curran to Silva, Like that! This one did not swing but the line and length is perfect. Just ahead of a length around off, Silva finds the cover fielder with a drive. 8/1

1.5 Sam Curran to Silva, Slightly short again on the body, Dhananjaya works it around the corner for a run. Curran needs to bowl a touch fuller here, he needs to give the ball a little more chance to do its bit. 8/1

1.4 Sam Curran to Silva, Good length again and pitches it on middle, comes back in a touch. DdS works it to mid-wicket. 7/1

1.3 Sam Curran to Silva, Good length around off, the batter guides it to point. 7/1

1.2 Sam Curran to Silva, Gets this one to shape back in but the line is down the leg side. Foakes collects it with a dive to his left. 7/1

1.1 Sam Curran to Silva, Starts off right on the money! On a length and around off, Dhananjaya keeps it out. 7/1

Sam Curran to bowl from the other end.

0.6 J Anderson to Silva, Outside off, Dhananjaya leaves it alone. A successful first over for England and Anderson. 7/1

0.5 J Anderson to Silva, Nearly drags it on! Anderson gets this one to skid straight on after landing around off. Dhananjaya tries defending from the crease but gets an inside edge past the stumps. It travels to fine leg and they cross. 7/1

0.4 J Anderson to Silva, In the channel outside off, holding its line, Dhananjaya shoulders arms. 6/1

0.3 J Anderson to Silva, Anderson hurls across a full ball outside off, de Silva drives it through covers and collects a brace. 6/1

Dhananjaya de Silva is the number 3 batsman.

0.2 J Anderson to Karunaratne, OUT! There is a spike! Sri Lanka lose a wicket and a review as well. Poor from the opener. He has a tame push inside the line of a delivery which is quite wide outside off. No footwork whatsoever, a needless poke, probably early jitters and as soon as the ball goes past his bat and Foakes collects it, they let out a big appeal. The umpire raises his finger and the English players start to celebrate. Dimuth though takes the DRS immediately, so we thought may be he has not edged it but after looking at the replays, it turned out to be a bizarre decision to review it. 4/1

Dimuth Karunaratne is given out! He though has referred it straightway. Seems confident. But England think they have got their first wicket and are celebrating. Let’s see…

0.1 J Anderson to D Karunaratne, FOUR! A bit edgy! Anderson delivers it on a length around off and gets it to seam away a little. Karunaratne pushes inside the line with an angled bat and it takes the outside half of his blade before running past gully for a boundary. Sri Lanka are away! 4/0

First Published: November 7, 2018, 9:50 AM IST