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Jijabai Death Anniversary: Historical Facts About Rajmata, The Mother of Legendary Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji

A statue of Rajmata Jijabai (Photo Credits: Facebook/Arya Samaj)

Jijabai Bhosale, affectionately known as Rajmata, was the mother of legendary Maratha king and warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji. Jijamata was born on January 12, 1598, in the town of Sindhkhed in Maharashtra. She died on 17 June 1674, 12 days after Shivaji’s coronation. Her death anniversary is mainly observed in Maharashtra. Jijamata’s father, Lakhuji Jadhavrao, was an eminent Maratha Sardar. Her mother’s name was Malasa Bai.

Jijabai was married to Shahaji Bhosle at a young age. The warrior couple had eight children, of whom six were daughters and two were sons, Shivaji being one of them. An influential and determined woman, Jijabai was a skilled warrior as well as an administrator. She was an embodiment of self-respect and virtue. She dreamed of a great Maratha empire and her son Shivaji fulfilled her dream. Shivaji Maharaj: Facts About the Valiant, Legendary Maratha Warrior King.

Jijabai had a significant impact on Shivaji’s life. She nurtured a human touch and religious tolerance in Shivaji and brought him up as a person who would for his motherland. She not only ignited the quest of a Maratha empire in Shivaji, but also witnessed the coronation of her son as he ascended the golden throne in 1674, to become the leader of the legendary Marathas.

Shivaji owes his greatness to the inspiration of his mother who never wavered in her belief in the greatness of Marathas. From a loyal wife to a proud mother, Jijabai was a true reflection of a determined woman. She is regarded as an ideal mother and her upbringing of Shivaji is a subject of folklore. Her Samadhi is built at Pachad village near Rajgad fort.