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Janmashtami 2019: What is Chappan Bhog? List of 56 Food Items Offered to Lord Krishna on Gokulashtami

Chappan Bhog (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Janmashtami celebrations have already begun in India in full swing. According to legends, Lord Krishna was born on a stormy night of the Shravana month. On the Ashtami (eighth day) of the Krishna Paksa (dark fortnight). Janmashtami 2019 date is August 23-24. The birth of one of the most revered gods in Hinduism isn’t going to be a low-key affair in the country. A wide variety of celebrations, from breaking the dahi handi to decorating the jhula, constitute the festivities. Lord Krishna was a known bon vivant with a love for food. Stories of him ganging up with his playmates to steal maakhan or butter are well-known. On the occasion of his birth on Gokulashtami, a list of 56 food items are offered to Lord Krishna. This set of delicacies together is known as the Chappan Bhog, where chappan stands for the number 56 and bhog means food or offering. Here’s what you need to know. Janmashtami 2019 Prasad Recipe: Make Makhan Mishri Bhog Easily at Home to Offer Lord Krishna on Gokulashtami (Watch Video).

What is Chappan Bhog?

Chappan bhog is an offering comprising 56 food items. Each item on the plate is favourite of Lord Krishna himself. Every year during Janmashtami, devotees throng Mathura – the birthplace of Lord Krishna – to offer Chappan Bhog to their favourite god.

A mind-bogglingly huge thali comprising 56 items are offered as prasad. Why did this tradition start in the first place? Here’s the story behind Chappan Bhog.

According to mythological accounts, a huge storm had once lashed upon Braj. The villagers had stopped performing pujas to appease Lord Indra, on Lord Krishna’s behest, and had thus incurred his wrath. So he sent a torrential downpour. Janmashtami 2019: Makhan Mishri Health Benefits; Why Lord Krishna’s Favourite Bhog Is Good for Your Health.

To save the inhabitants from the downpour, Lord Krishna lifted up Mount Govardhana on his tiny finger like an umbrella. The inhabitants of the village stood under it for seven days, sheltered by the mighty Govardhana. On the eighth day when the rains stopped, the villagers expressed their gratitude towards Krishna by offering him a “mountain of food.” The Lord had after all not eaten anything for eight days.

The number 56 is significant because the villagers multiplied the eight meals a day with eight days. The resultant number is chappan or 56.

What Are the Food Items in Chappan Bhog?

Chappan Bhog constitutes chutneys, pickles, curries, rice items, dairy products and other desserts. Here’s a complete list:

1) Spinach subzi

2) Curd

3) Kheer

4) Rice

5) Rasgulla

6) Rabri

7) Mathi

8) Daal

9) Chutney

10) Kadi

11) Malpua

12) murabba

13) Shakkarpaara

14) Ghewar

15) Chila

16) Jalebi

17) Papad

18) Dalia

19) Laddoo

20) Ghee

21) Honey

22) Mohanbhog

23) Mathha (butter milk)

24) Lassi

25) Butter

26) Malai

27) Moong Dal Ka Halwa

28) Khichadi

29) Pakode

30) Brinjal

31) Lauki

32) Coconut chutney

33) Poori

34) Kachori

35) Roti

36) Badam Milk

37) Coconut water

38) Mango

39) Banana

40) Shkanjvi

41) Grapes

42) Apple

43) Plum

44) Cashew nuts

45) Almonds

46) Raisins

47) Pistachios

48) Grams

49) Tikki

50) Rice dessert

51) Bhujia

52) Mint chutney

53) Saunf

54) Paan

55) Supaari

56) Illaichi

Although the actual dishes may change from region to region, these are the standard dishes for chappan bhog. The mega thaali is a mix of sweets and savouries. The bhog is kept in front of the God’s idol. The dairy and sweet dishes, which are the favourite of Lord Krishna, are often placed closer to the idol.