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Janmashtami 2019: Makhan Mishri Health Benefits; Why Lord Krishna’s Favourite Bhog Is Good for Your Health

Health benefits of makhan mishri (Photo Credits: YouTube)

White butter, also known as maakhan or makkhan, is known as Lord Krishna’s favourite food. With Janmashtami, Bal Gopal’s birthday on August 23-24, 2019, it is important to stock up on some makkhan to offer to the diety as bhog. The Makhan Mishri Bhog is an essential item of the Chappan bhog (the traditional 56 items prepared to offer Bal Gopal). A combination makhan(white butter) and mishri (rock sugar) is offered as prasad(offering) to Lord Krishna on Gokul Ashtami. However, many people tend to refrain from consuming the makhan mishri bhog for the fear of gaining weight. However, you might want to know that makkhan and mishri actually have more health benefits than you think. If taken in moderation, the two can benefit you. Let’s discuss how. But before that, here’s Janmashtami 2019 Prasad Recipe: Make Makhan Mishri Bhog Easily at Home to Offer Lord Krishna on Gokulashtami (Watch Video).

Health Benefits of Makkhan

White butter is a staple in most Indian households. In the world when dairy is being bashed for aiding weight gain, India still holds on to the humble makkhan for the healthy fats and great health benefits. Check out some of them:

Weight Loss: White butter is known to be a great source of lecithin that helps to boost metabolism, and assimilate cholesterol and other fat constituents. Moreover, unlike the processed butter, it is low in sodium, helping you cut down on the water weight. If consumed in moderation, makkan can actually help you lose weight. Are Butter and Makkhan The Same? Know The Meaning & Differences Between the Two Commonly-Used Milk Products. 

Skin Health: White butter is known to make your skin look youthful by improving the elasticity of the skin. Consumption of white butter is also known to provide a natural glow to the skin.

Joint Health: White butter is rich in molecular structure that is known to assimilate fat and lubricate joints.

Cognition: Rich in Arachidonic Acid (AA), makkhan is known to aid brain activity and, in turn, improve cognition, especially in kids. Know Health Benefits of White Butter This Janmashtmi In Detail Here. 

Health Benefits of Mishri/Rock Sugar

Cough and Sore Throat: Mishri is said to soothe a sore throat and keep cough at bay.

Haemoglobin Levels: Low haemoglobin levels that may cause problems like anaemia and weakness can be improved by consuming mishri.

Digestive Health:  Do you know why mishri and fennel seeds (saunf) is given to you after you finish your meal? The combination of the two is known to aid digestive health.

Energy: Interestingly, apart from giving you a nice conclusion to your satisfying meal, the refreshing taste of mishri provides an energy boost in a post-meal slump as well.

Therefore a combination of makkan and mishri isn’t as unhealthy as you think. Just make sure that you make the makkan at home. A simple trick is to first refrigerate boiled milk for at least four-five hours and collecting the malai or the thick cream layering formed on the milk for two-three days. Once you have enough malai, churn with a wooden ladle also known as mathni in Hind to separate butter from cream.