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Is Facebook Down? Photos & Albums Not Loading for Users


Facebook appears to be down for thousands of people who aren’t able to view their own photos, upload photos, or add albums to their personal accounts, groups, or pages. According to Down Detector, more than 5,000 all over the globe have reported having issues with Facebook, specifically when it comes to uploading pictures.

Over the past couple of weeks, Facebook has had intermittent issues, as has Instagram. Though frustrating, the issues usually resolve within a short period of time.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reports of Facebook Being Down Started Pouring in Around 10 a.m. Eastern & Issues Appear to Be Global

The Facebook issues on Down Detector were first reported around 10 a.m. Eastern and don’t seem to be resolved just yet. Facebook users have said that they are unable to view existing photos while others are having trouble uploading new photos or albums.

Some photos appear with a broken script symbol while others simply show a reload button in the center of where the photo should be. Other users aren’t even able to see their profile photos, which appear to also be experiencing issues.

Facebook users in Europe, the United States, South America, and Japan have reported the most issues on Down Detector’s website.

“Can’t even see my own pictures on Facebook,” wrote one Facebook user from Washington State.

“I can see it affects only some people’s pages. All images are gone from one page, and none from another,” wrote another.

Facebook Photos & Albums Won’t Load on Both Desktop & Mobile

Users have been quick to check if Facebook photos and albums would load via mobile but the issue seems to be affecting both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

Some users are able to access the upload screen but once the “upload” button is clicked, very little happens. There is a long lag and once the site catches up, the photos simply aren’t displayed. Some users have noticed that some of the photos will show up but then disappear.