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International Joke Day 2019: A Walk down the Memory Lane to Our Classic Memes

International Joke Day (Photo Credits: Flickr)

International joke day! Oh, the irony of a day like this falling on a Monday! We all know the Monday blues to get out of bed and try to get along with our routines. The first day of July is reserved for your best jokes and laughs. No, we’re not talking about your best friend, silly! If you’re struggling this International Joke Day clashing with Monday, worry not! We’ve got you covered with some classic memes.

Who remembers famous the famous Derp and Derpina? Or our favourite internet cat? And the confessions we made through a picture of a bear? Here are some of our favourite classic memes!

Starting with the OG Memes, Rage comics:

Where it all started

It was everywhere!

Derp and Derpina

We Thought This Was Smooth, Back in the Day

We’ve All Done This

Bring Them Back!

Our Favourite Cat

A grumpy cat meme for old times’ sake from r/memes

Nope -Grumpy Cat

My favorite grumpy cat meme. Old but gold. from r/memes

Snickers Saved Us

I thought we left grumpy cat memes back in 2013 from r/ImagesOfThe2010s

Monday Mood

RIP Our Favourite Cat

We Read This to Make Sure We’re Not the Only Weirdos

The only reason I read Confession Bears from r/AdviceAnimals

Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian gets a job. from r/memes

Much Cosy, Very Comf. Wow

The Force!

Keep the Doge Memes Going!

Now Kith Him!

Doge needs to come back from r/memes

When Your Friend Tells Your Mom You Failed That Math Test

Dramatic Chipmunk from r/videos

We hope these memes took you back in time and gave you a good laugh. Coming back from school, going through these memes and tagging your friends on Facebook on these posts. Ah, the days! The day is for laughs, enjoy the memes and don’t let Monday get you!