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International Day of Girl Child 2019 Messages in Hindi: WhatsApp Stickers, GIF Image Greetings, Quotes and SMS to Send on Antarashtriya Balika Diwas

Girl Child Day wishes in Hindi (Photo Credits: File Image)

October 11 marks the celebration of International Day of Girl Child. A day proposed by the United Nations, it aims at raising awareness about a girl child, the inequalities they face because of gender and aims to give them equal opportunities. Also called as Girl Child Day, it is referred to as Antarashtriya Balika Diwas in Hindi. One of the ways of marking this day is to send messages, quotes and images appreciating a girl child and inspiring others to do the same. So on this Antarashtriya Balika Diwas, we have made a special collection of messages, greetings, images in Hindi which one can download for free and send over WhatsApp,  Facebook or other social media. International Day of the Girl Child 2019 Wishes: WhatsApp Stickers, SMS, Motivational Quotes, GIF Greetings and Messages to Send on World Girl Child Day.

Today we hear of a lot of cases from around the world about severe oppression against young girls and children. Despite many women proving they are no less in their achievements when compared to men, we still have countries where female infanticide is prevalent. Certain privileges are denied to a child only because she is a female. In such times, it is highly important to promote the role of girls, and how they are important in this world. Given below is a collection of beautiful and empowering quotes, messages, images on a girl child. So on International Day of Girl Child 2019, feel free to download and share these messages in Hindi with everyone. We also have a separate link for WhatsApp stickers, through which you can spread awareness about the Antarashtriya Balika Diwas. International Day of the Girl Child 2019 Quotes: Inspiring Thoughts For Girls That Convey ‘No Sky Too High’.

Antarashtriya Balika Diwas 2019 Messages

Antarashtriya Balika Diwas 2019 messages (Photo Credits: File Image)

Message reads: Yadi Srishti Hamein Chalani Hai, To Kanya Santan Bachani Hai! Antarashtriya Balika Diwas!

Antarashtriya Balika Diwas 2019 wishes (Photo Credits: File Image)

Message reads: Manavta Par Na Daag Lagao Beta-Beti Ka Bhed Mitao! Antarashtriya Balika Diwas

Girl Child Day messages in Hindi (Photo Credits: File Image)

Message reads: Khushiyo Ke Phool Khilati Beti Ghar Angan Mehkati Beti! Antarashtriya Balika Diwas

Girl Child Day 2019 messages in Hindi (Photo Credits: File Image)

Message reads: Beti Hoti Sachi Sathi Hai Isliye Kahlati Achhi! Antarashtriya Balika Diwas

Girl Child GIFs


Message reads: Na Apni Duniya Savyam Mitao Hosh Mein Aao, Beti Bachao! Antarashtriya Balika Diwas

Here’s a Video of International Day of Girl Child Wishes:

Girl Child Day WhatsApp Stickers

If you are someone who prefers few words then let WhatsApp stickers make it easier for you. You can download special sticker packs and use the stickers via messaging application. There are special stickers for every occasion that are available these days.

We hope the above collection of Antarashtriya Balika Diwas messages and images help to send you the greetings for the day. Remember, a single message or a wish can contribute towards making an awareness for this significant day. So do send a wish and start making a difference.