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How to Build a Snowman? Make Christmas 2020 Joyful by Creating a Perfect Snowboy Following Few Easy Steps (Watch DIY Video)

December means many things to people. It is not only the end of the year, and everything merry! The month has chillier weather, and places with winter snowfalls have their houses and backyards, streets and roads, covered in a white sheet of snow. It looks gorgeous and marks the arrival of the holiday season. One of the most beloved symbols of Christmas is the snowman, without a doubt. We see countless variations of this cherished figure everywhere during the season, and even in warmer climates, the snowman is celebrated. Families enjoy making a snowman with each other, with kids adding their personal touches to the creation, following the snowfalls of the winter season. Do you want to build a snowman? If yes, and wondering the easiest way to create one, you have arrived at the right place. Make Christmas 2020 joyful by creating a perfect snowboy in better and easier ways. Along with the quick steps, we also bring a DIY video for perfect guidance.

When we think of Christmas, snowman automatically appears in our mind, as one of the prime decorations for the holiday season. To create one, we often think of three snowballs, layered on top of one another, combined with coal for the eyes and mouth, a carrot for a nose, tree branches for arms, a scarf and of course, a black top hat. But we also see many interesting variations from this lovable figure. It is the iconic symbol of Christmas and winter season. Follow these steps to build a perfect snowman.

  • Find a flat section of lawn, as if you build a snowman on a slope, it may topple over. Also, make sure you create the snowman in the area where it has enough snow for you to use.
  • Check for snow that is moist and packable. Scoop some up between both of your hands, press it together, and if it forms into a ball, you will easily be able to make a snowman.
  • Pack the snowball and add more snow to the ball, until it is about one foot in diameter, or until it gets too heavy. Make sure you are wearing warm, waterproof gloves, or your hands will start to hurt from handling the snow.

    Roll the ball along the ground to make the bottom section. Keep rolling until the ball is about three feet wide. Stop it in the spot, where you want the snowman to be. Pat your snowball together, often to keep excess of snow from falling off.

  • Now form the middle section. Scoop up some snow in both hands and pack it into a tight ball. Add more snow until the ball is too heavy to carry, but make it a little smaller, compared to the first one. Roll the ball until it reaches about two feet. Lift the middle section onto the bottom section. Make sure that it sits right in the centre of the bottom ball.
  • Make another snowball for the head. Once you finish, carefully place it on top of the snowman’s body.
  • Now decorate the snowballs. Stick a carrot in the middle of the head for a nose, use buttons, pebbles or charcoal for eyes, and mouth. Add two ticks for the snowman’s arms. Top off the snowboy with a hat and scarf.

Watch Video: How to Build a Snowman

Tada, you just build a snowman! You can even add more accessories like a sunglass to make the snowman stand out from the rest. Enjoy the holiday season with your family, and create a beautiful snowman to celebrate the winter season. Have a safe Christmas!

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