Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2019! World Enters 1st January 2019 as Samoa Islands, Tonga and Kiritimati Welcome the First Day of the Year

The first country welcomes New Year 2019. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The year 2018 has finally come to an end and 2019 is here. The first countries in the world to ring in the NYE celebrations are Samoa Islands, Tonga and Kiritimati. While it is still 3:30 pm in India, these countries have welcomed the New Year 2019 with utmost gusto and excitement. The people are high in spirits when bringing in the new year and the world witnesses a beautiful vision of fireworks and celebrations. Around the world, different countries celebrate new year on different times zones. Below we have compiled a list of countries along with their time zones they will commence the year 2019. Know when will US, Australia, UK, Alaska and neighbouring countries Pakistan and Nepal will bring in New Year 2019. The last countries to enter 2019 are Baker Island and Howland Island. The time zones provided below are according to Indian Standard Time (IST) zone. Which Countries Will Enter New Year 2019 First & Last? Know the Names of Nations That Will Ring in NYE Celebrations at Different Time Zones.

Not only the time zones but also the New Year traditions around the world are different. In America the custom includes by sharing kisses and expressing greetings. It is believed that when you kiss it wades off the evil spirits and purifies the new beginning. On the other hand, Australia’s Sydney Harbour hosts one of the biggest NYE celebrations in the world. Thousands of people gather around the Opera House and an aerial show and water display kick off the new year celebrations. While the main attraction at midnight is Harbour Light Parade. Below see a compiled list of when different countries will enter the New Year 2019. New Year 2019 Greetings: WhatsApp Messages & Stickers, GIF Images, SMS, Facebook Status & Cover Photos to Wish Happy New Year To Your Friends & Family.

New Year 2019 Celebrations Around the World, According to IST

Country/City Name Time in IST
Kiritimati 03:30 pm
Queensland/Australia 07:30 pm
Japan/South Korea 08:30 pm
China 09:30 pm
Bangladesh 11:30 pm
Nepal 11:55 pm
India and Sri Lanka 00:00
Pakistan 00:30 am
Germany 04:30 am
United Kingdom 05:30 am
New York, Washington DC 10:30 am
Mexico, Chicago 11:30 am
LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas 01:30 pm
Alaska 02:20 pm
Baker Island & Howland Island 05:30 pm

The last places to enter 2019 would be Baker Island and Howland Island which will celebrate the new year at 05:30 pm (IST). While some celebrate the event watching fireworks with their friends or family and partying the night away, others prefer staying at home for a quiet and cosy new year celebrations. There are special new year theme parties held in pubs and discos and people do the countdown just 10 seconds away from the new year. We wish you and your family a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2019!