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Happy New Year 2019 WhatsApp Stickers: Free Android Stickers Packs For Sending New Year Wishes & Greetings Online

New Year 2019 WhatsApp Stickers (File Photo)

We are all set to bid adieu to the year 2018 and welcome the year 2019! Marking new beginnings and opportunities, this is the time of the year we love to show gratitude for our loved ones. And, WhatsApp stickers is the one of the most easy and convenient way of expressing our feelings with family, friends and relatives. These stickers on the instant messaging platform can be downloaded for sending wishes and greetings in personal chat as well as group chats. The company rolled out this new feature on the platform during Diwali 2018. Here are some Android stickers that you can download for sending wishes on the New Year Eve! WhatsApp Will Not Be Available On These Phones From December 31, 2018; Is Your Mobile On The List?

New Year 2019 Stickers For WhatsApp via WAStickerApps: WhatsApp users can download this third-party android application that offers wide range of whatsapp stickers. For sending New Year 2019 stickers, the users need to add the stickers pack to WhatsApp. Once the pack is added successfully, you will be able to send New Year wishes and greetings to their friends and family members.

New Year 2019 Stickers For WhatsApp via Inno Studio Apps: The second application that uses can use for sending New Year Wishes is ‘New Year Stickers’ via Inno Studio Apps. The WhatsApp users will be able to use this third-party app for sending wishes only when this pack is added to WhatsApp.

Here’s How WhatsApp Users Can Download New Year 2019 Android Stickers For Free:

1. First of all, WhatsApp users to download the latest update of the application. Once the app is updated, they need to visit Google Play Store for downloading the sticker packs. They need to search ‘New Year Stickers’ in the search box given in the right hand corner at the top.

2. The users will get several search results wherein they need to download and install the ‘New Year Stickers’ from Inno Studio Apps.

3. Once the sticker pack is installed, the users need to add the same to WhatsApp before using them. The users just need to click on ‘+’ button for adding these stickers to the platform.

4. When done adding, the WhatsApp users can check these stickers under Emoji and GIF tab. The Android users are good to send wishes and greeting with New Year 2019 Stickers.