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Fourth of July 2019: From Beer Pong to Hotdog Eating, Independence Day Traditions That Only Americans Get!

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Fourth of July is here! America’s favourite holiday. People get a national holiday on this day and they celebrate with their loved ones, their families and friends and their neighbours. People usually pick out a neighbour’s house and host parties in their backyard. Massive barbeque grills make their way to backyard and a beer and meat fest begins. Americans take pride in this day and celebrate it like no other country does. Here are some activities Americans participate in that seem a little crazy to the rest of the world. Fourth of July Memes 2019: Funny Jokes You Need to See This American Independence Day Because Fireworks Can’t Make You Laugh.

We know the BBQ and beer stories from the Fourth of July. But we have some more traditions of the day that not many people from the rest of the world know about. Happy Fourth of July 2019! Google Doodle Celebrates US Independence Day With Interactive Backyard BBQ Ball Game.

Massive Backyard Parties

This is hardly seen in any country on their independence day. We all remember that episode in That 70’s Show when Red and Bob throw backyard parties for Fourth of July. That’s exactly how it is. People host parties in one neighbour’s backyard and come together to celebrate the day together.

Hotdog Eating Contests

Believe it or not, in many Fourth of July fairs, hotdog eating contests are held. People participate in those contests and get cheered by huge crowds.

Hotdog is one of USA’s staple and traditional food. What better way to celebrate with an eating contest on the Independence day!

Beer Pong

Beer pong is such a college drinking game. Everyone who has attended college house parties has played beer pong.

Not only beer pong, but Americans also go wild with their other drinking games to celebrate their freedom. It’s like they become the carefree person they were in college.

Dressed in Flag from Head to Toe

Every country has a piece of accessory in the pattern of their flag pinned to their outfits on their independence day. But the USA takes it to the new step.

They opt to dress in the American flag from their head to their toes. People even wear makeup inspired by their flag. Now that’s love for the country!

Music Festivals

For people who want to enjoy the holiday on their own or with their friends, there are several music festivals held across the country.

They’re similar to music festivals like Coachella. With major artists to local artists and loads of alcohol.

Family Get-Togethers

Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, people get together with their families, close friends and neighbours for meals.

Their day starts off with huge barbeque parties in the backyard and they end the day with dinner parties. Usually, open door parties in the backyard and everyone is invited.

How many of these did you know about and how many surprised you? We’re sure many of us look at these and wish we were in the USA to celebrate the Fourth of July. Food, alcohol, friends and family, what’s not there to love about this day? We’re sure in the upcoming years, there are going to be more crazy activities coming up for American Independence Day.