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Father’s Day 2019: Here’s to All the Dads Making Us Proud in the Pride Month

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The third Sunday of June is approaching and kids all across the world have begun their preparations to celebrate their dads. This year, Father’s Day falls on June 16 and there is a lot that is needed to be done to make your father feel special and loved. And by that we mean, all the dads, irrespective of their gender identity. Father’s Day is a great time to honour and recognise many kinds of families that make the world so dynamic and interesting. And it falls on the same month, when we celebrate the inclusion of LGBTQIA, an umbrella term for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual community. Gay Pride celebrations are already happening and with Father’s Day in line, the month becomes extra special. On the amazing occasion, let us honour all the queer dads who are making us proud in every way. Dedicate These Wonderful Lines and Compositions to Make it a Special Day for Your Dad. 

Parenting is not easy. The LGBT fathers are tasked with an additional challenge when it comes to parenting, enduring anti-LGBT discrimination that is although legal in many countries, other parts across the world are yet to acknowledge. Cool, Personalised and Absolutely The Best Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Feel Special and Loved!

Gay Dads

Gay dads, like all dads, love to cuddle up at bedtime and read beautiful stories to their kids. They are no different and they make excellent fathers! A recent study by the Université du Québec à Montréal, reveals that gay fathers are more active when it comes to raising their kids. Researcher, Éric Feugé, in the 2019 study noted that despite many obstacles that they face, gay parents are very involved in their children’s lives and that their kids respond much as they do in families with heterosexual parents. Their sharing of tasks is very equitable.

Trans Dads

A number of transgender parents have spoken out in recent years, about their beautiful stories of starting their families. They definitely came to parenthood in the same way as many lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals through adoption, foster care and surrogacy. And their journey is as special as any other parents. We all know, Thomas Trace Beatie, the American public speaker and a transgender rights advocate, who is well known as “The Pregnant Man.” His inspirational story that broke in 2007, insinuated massive scientific breakthrough that heralds a new world with new rules. And we all know, how amazing dad he is, who has given birth to three children, since then. 5 Simple Things to Do for Your Dad This Father’s Day. 

Donor Dads

Let us all take a moment, and thank all those men, who have selflessly come forward, giving happiness to so many families. The process of sperm donation, is a seamless way to create a family for many. In many cases, kids do share a special bond with their donor dads, while in others they do not even know them. But their role very special. The practice is responsible for tens of thousands of births across the world, and there is no better day, than celebrating donor dads on Father’s Day.

On June 16, families across the world will come together to celebrate their fathers. It is time to honour the men who have served as mentors, guardians and role models for their children. It is really amazing to see so many kinds of families, growing together, irrespective of all the discrimination that they face in their day to day life. Their role and responsibility in society are very strong. And all the dads have one in common, love and compassion for their children. So, celebrate, Pride month, Father’s Day and every individual who are enriching the society.