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Father’s Day 2019 Gadget Gift Ideas: 5 Smart Devices That You Can Present Your Tech-Savvy Dad

Father’s day gadget gift ideas (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Father’s day 2019 is just around the corner, it will be marked on June 16 this year. And we are sure some of you must be wondering what to gift your dad to make it special for him. Most of the times, it is the father who fulfils all your wishes, be it a new smartphone or a new watch. How about you gift him some gadget and make it up for all the years? If your father is tech-savvy then we have got a list of some smart devices which you can present to your dad. 7 Interesting Gift Ideas for Dads of Every Type.

Father’s Day is also a great time to bond over the latest gadgets with your father. You can tell him about the new devices, the newer features that are expected etc. If your father is new to using gadgets, you can also spend some time and teach him to use the applications, features and how to function them. Today with easy accessibility to internet and smartphones, technology has reached almost everyone. So watching videos, forwarding messages are the basic indulgences for every father who owns a smartphone. So we list down 5 smart devices which you can gift to your father on this special occasion. Father’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas: Cool, Personalised and Absolutely The Best Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Feel Special and Loved!

5 Gadget Gifts For Your Father

  1. Bluetooth headphones/earphones: If your father owns a smartphone we are sure he loves to watch videos or listen to songs. And what’s annoying sometimes is how they put the phone on full volume, irrespective of anyone around and continue watching the videos. So you can gift him Bluetooth headphones or earphones so he can enjoy his own time, without disturbing anyone else. Plus a wireless headphone will also save from entangling wires.
  2. Powerbank: Having an extra source of charging is always useful. You can gift your father a power bank. If he tends to get late from his work often, then this is a very useful gift. Even if your father works constantly from his phone, then he need not have to worry about charging point anymore.
  3. Fitbit: If your father is a fitness freak or you want him to embrace the idea of fitness, then you should definitely give him a Fitbit. With a new gadget, he will be more inclined to use it, checking all its features and then be used to getting into his exercise routine. A Fitbit will also make him more aware of his own fitness and how much he needs to work upon it.
  4. Kindle: If your father loves reading, then what better gift than a kindle. You can download his favourite books and gift him. He can read on his way to work or home. A good book is always a nice break from the routine. So he would be grateful to you for such a valuable gift.
  5. Virtual assistant device: Technology has really evolved wherein you can just order a virtual assistant to do some tasks for you. Be it making calls, ordering food, playing music, organising calendar, a virtual assistant can do most of the tasks. Depending on your need, you can buy an Alexa, Echo, Echo dot, Google Home etc.

These are some of the gadget gifts which you can present to your dad this Father’s Day 2019. And if at all your father is not introduced to smartphones yet, what better way to make the switch. You have so many options to choose from. Buy him a good smartphone and he will surely be grateful.