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Eid Moon Sighting in India, Chand Raat 2019 Live Streaming on News 18 Urdu: Watch Online News Updates on Crescent Sighting in Delhi, Maharashtra, UP, Bihar & Other States

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New Delhi, June 4: On ‘Chand Raat’ today, Muslims across India will attempt to sight the Shawwal crescent. The sighting of the moon will determine the date of much-awaited Eid or Eid al-Fitr celebrations. With the sighting of the Shawwal crescent, Muslims will bid a farewell to the holy month of fasting – Ramzan. Hilal Committee members in Delhi, UP, Maharashtra, Bihar and other states will gather today and try to sight the moon. News18 Urdu will host live streaming of the news and updates on sighting of Eid moon across India. Scroll down to watch live coverage of the Eid moon sighting of News18 Urdu channel below. Track Live Updates on Eid Moon Sighting 2019 in All Parts of India.

Under Islamic lunar calendar, a new month begins upon the sighting of a crescent moon on the 29th day of the ongoing month. If the moon is not sighted, the month completes 30 days and a new month begins the next day. In India, except in Kerala, Ramzan began on May 7. Muslims have observed 29 fast so far. If the moon is sighted today, Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow, June 5. If the moon remains undetected, Muslims will celebrate the festival on June 6.

Eid Moon Sighting 2019 in India Live Streaming on News 18 Urdu: Watch Online News Updates Below

In Kerala, Ramzan began on May 6. On Monday, Muslims in Kerala observed their 29th fast and looked for the moon. However, the crescent remained invisible. Therefore, they will complete their 30th fast this evening and celebrate Eid tomorrow, June 5.

In Saudi Arabia, the epicentre of Islam, the month of Ramadan began day before India and other parts of the subcontinent. Crescent was sighted last evening and most parts of the Middle East celebrated Eid al-Fitr today.