How Do Doctors Test for Diabetes

Understand How Do Doctors Test for Diabetes to get accurate results

How Do Doctors Test for Diabetes is something often not asked but needs to be known if this process is ordered. If you believe that you have the symptoms of diabetes it is important that you get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to carry out a test for diabetes which will check your blood sugar levels. If you are lucky then you may get to the doctors quick enough and you will only be in the developmental stages of diabetes. At this point there is a good chance that the process can be reversed. However, the question which is going to plague you up until this point is how do doctors test for diabetes. You will find out the answer to this question right here.

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What many people are surprised about is that there are a number of different tests carried out for diabetes by a doctor. One of the cheapest to perform is known as Fasting Plasma Glucose test. It isn’t the most accurate though however. Before having a diabetes test carried out you will be asked to fast for 8 hours before your appointment. A blood sample will then be taken. If the blood glucose level is above 126mg/dL then you are classed as being diabetic. If it falls somewhere between 100 and 125mg then you are classed as being pre-diabetic. In both cases your doctor will tell you what needs to happen next.

One of the most common methods doctors test for diabetes with is the Oral Glucose Tolerance. This is a two part test. Like before you will be asked to fast for eight hours. You will then have your first blood sample taken. Straight after you will be told to drink 75mg of glucose. You will then be asked to return two hours later where you will need to give another blood sample. Between 140 and 199 you will be classed as pre-diabetic. Over 200mg and you are classed as diabetic.

If you are looking for information on how do doctors test for diabetes then you have probably heard of random plasma glucose test. This isn’t the most popular of methods, although it is carried out from time to time. The difference with this test is that it cannot test pre-diabetes and can only be used if diabetes is active in a person. The key difference is that you do not need to fast beforehand and this test can be carried out at any time (hence random being in the name). However as I said, it is highly unlikely your doctor will carry out this test unless it is a matter of urgency.

Many people are worried about having a diabetes test carried out by a doctor. Don’t worry though, it is over pretty quickly and this test could actually end up saving your life. Therefore, as I said at the start, head to the doctors if you are suffering from symptoms of diabetes and talk to your doctor, it could be one of the best decisions that you have ever made in your life.