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Dark Mofo Festival 2019: From Nude Solstice Swim to Delicious Winter Feast, Here’s Everything That You Can’t Miss Out at Australia’s Spookiest Event

Dark Mofo Festival 2019 (Photo Credits: dark_mofo/ Instagram)

Hobart’s Dark Mofo 2019 has made its annual return, offering an array of stunning events, performances and experiences that are bound to provide something for everyone. As spooky and bizarre as it always promises, this year’s festival will be no less. All kinds of weird things are lined up for 2019 Dark Mofo. Hosted by the Museum of Old and New Art, Dark Mofo is Hobart’s most talked festivity and the capital city of Tasmania, has already been lit the dark and wintry lights. To those who are new to Australia’s most provocative winter arts festival, here is every detail that you should know. From crossing the dark path, to Nude solstice swim to the awesome winter feast, Hobart’s Dark Mofo has all the bizarre and creepy and equally exciting thrill to offer. One Day Honeymoon in Amsterdam But Without a Wedding! Newly Launched Campaign Invites Tourists to ‘Marry’ a Local and Explore the City. 

Dark Mofo is the winter version of MONA FOMA festival, an annual music and arts festival held in January in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. As the name suggests, many of its events take place at night and it celebrates the darkness of the southern winter solstice. Dark Mofo was first celebrated in 2013 and the first year also introduced the now annual nude solstice swim that sees thousands of people dunk in the River Derwent at dawn. Dark Mofo 2019 is observed from June 6 to June 23 across Hobart. Here all the highlights of the festival, that makes it uncanny, yet so popular. From Annual Iceberg Chase to Polar Bear Dip, Here’s What Newfoundland is Hosting This Month!

Dark Path

Dark Path, is a spooky artistic tour around the outskirts of Hobart. It is a 4 km trek around the city that takes place between 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, with a lot of weird and wonderful artworks and events happening along the way, making for an experience that will stick with you for aeons.

Nude Solstice Swim


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This annual Dark Mofo tradition, was introduced on the first year event. This year, Nude Solstice Swim will happen on June 22. A huge crowd of brave souls will ditch their clothes and jump into the chilly water off Long Beach in Sandy Bay wearing nothing, but their swimming caps.

Burning of Ogoh-Ogoh

This the Dark Mofo’s most interesting event. The ogoh-ogoh is a giant statue that is used in traditional Balinese festivals to spiritually purify nature. The festival attendees write their fears and anxieties and put them on the belly of the statue, before it is spectacularly set on fire.

Winter Feast

The Winter Feast is not just a wide-scale banquet for all the hungry festival goers, it even serves to be as much of a spectacle as the Dark Mofo itself. With fire-cooking on display and menus diverse enough to make a seasoned chef blush, the winter feast is a culinary delight.

Night Mass

Night Mass is just as much of an experience as everything else on offer, with music and art colliding in a manner that challenges all explanation. Its aims are to serve as the festival’s after-party, offering live musical acts with dizzying set up of an overwhelming sensory experience.

Dark Mofo is one of Australia’s coolest culture, food and music gatherings. Taking place in Hobart, there is no better time to leave the mainland and take in everything that the city has to offer.