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Dahi Handi 2019 Photos: From Janmashtmi in Mumbai Local Train to Human Pyramid in Five Seconds, Here Is a Glimpse of Gokulashtami Celebrations (Watch Videos)

Dahi Handi Celebrations (Photo Credits: Twitter/@Palgharmitra)

Krishna Janmashtmi or Gokulashtami celebrations are incomplete without Dahi Handi. People across the country are forming human pyramids to break the earthen pot filled with curd, turmeric and other things hung on a height with a rope. With the festive mood, here are some safety measures for Govindas participating in Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. Dahi Handi 2019: Traditions And Festivities Related to Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations.

Twitteratis are sharing their Dahi Handi movements- with some being Govinda while others being a spectator. The enthusiasm and craze not only limit to common people, but even King Khan and AbRam cannot keep themselves away from celebrating this festival. Sanskriti Pratisthan, Sangharsh Pratishthan and Top Dahi Handi Mandals in Mumbai Will NOT Have Gopalkala Celebrations This Janmashtami, Know Why

Among others, a video of Dahi Handi celebrations in the Mumbai local train is also going viral.

A group also tried to form the fastest human pyramid

Here’s how Twitterati celebrated Dahi Handi 2019:

Nowadays, Dahi Handi is a huge fair with thousands of people participating in the festive celebrations. The organisers also award cash prizes to the Mandal who manages to break the pots filled with curd.