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Dahi Handi 2019 Date: Traditions And Festivities Related to Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations

Dahi Handi (Photo Credits: Flickr, Wikipedia)

Dahi Handi is a sport observed during the Hindu festival Krishna Janmashtami, which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. It is a festive event showcasing the life of Lord Krishna as a child. Dahi Handi is celebrated on the day following Janmashtami also known as Gokulashtami. As Janmashtami 2019 falls on August 24, Dahi Handi will be observed on August 25. Being a community event, people come together to form human pyramids to break the earthen pot filled with curd, hung at a height from the ground. In Maharashtra, Dahi Handi celebration is also known as Gopalkala. Janmashtami 2019 Songs List: Bada Natkhat Hai Ye and Other Bollywood Tracks To Celebrate Krishna’s Birth on Gokulashtami (Watch Videos)

Dahi Handi events are popular as a community event in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa. It is considered as the favourite sport of Lord Krishna who was a lover of butter and curd. Dahi in Hindi means curd and Handi is translated to an earthen pot. Traditionally, in India, milk products are stored in earthen pots and hung on walls.  And Lord Krishna is believed to have been quite mischevious during his childhood. Young Krishna along with his friends would steal butter from these pots and most of the times end up breaking the pots. Krishna’s friends would form a human pyramid, helping their friend climb on their top, to reach the pots hung at a height. Janmashtami 2019: 10 Quotes & Timeless Lessons Given by Lord Krishna From the Bhagavad Gita.

Dahi Handi reminisces the playful nature of young Krishna and is observed a day following Krishna Janmashtami. Men or Govindas form a human pyramid helping a young boy reach the height where the pot is tied. Nowadays, Dahi Handi competitions are a huge affair with a large number of people participating in the festivities. The group that manages to break the pots filled with curds are awarded cash prizes.