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Chinese New Year 2019 Celebrations Day 4: Know the Traditions Associated With Day of the Sheep in the Lunar New Year

Day of the Sheep (Photo Credits: File Image)

The residents of China are all captivated with their New Year 2019 celebration. While the date varies annually following the Chinese lunisolar calendar, this year, the festivity began on February 5. Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 usually runs for two weeks, starting with the New Year’s Eve celebrations on February 4, ending with a lantern festival on February 19. Each day holds a great significance among the Chinese festivity. After the Day of Rat that was celebrated on February 7, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year 2019 is dedicated to Day of the Sheep. There are many traditions and superstitious beliefs attached to the fourth day of the Spring Festival.

In China, people are given a week’s public holiday to observe the varied traditions, but it is equally momentous for the communities across the globe. Apart from China, major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool are putting on the celebrations as well to ring in the Year of the Pig. It is a great excuse to embrace the sights and tastes of Asia. It is the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, and people have begun their celebrations. ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’ Lunar New Year Images and Wishes in Chinese. 

Chinese New Year 2019: Day 4 Celebration

According to Chinese mythology, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year 2019 is Day of the Sheep. Special prayers are offered to the God of Wealth on this day. Many offerings that include three types of meat, fruits and wine are prepared. The Chinese people at midnight, will welcome the god in by opening the windows, eating and drinking until daybreak. Again, in some rural areas in northern China, people light a stick on fire and throw it into a river, to avert any fire-related accidents in the year ahead. It is forbidden to slaughter sheep on this day. The legends believe that fair weather is a sign that the sheep will be healthy this year and the family will have a bountiful harvest. Lucky Food for Chinese New Year 2019. 

The Spring Festival 2019 is a significant festival for the people of China. The streets are all lit up with red lanterns and good luck Chinese sign on them to welcome the year with fortune and prosperity. It is all about spending time with family and friends, feasting on foods with symbolic meanings, exchanging gifts and good wishes. After Day of the Sheep, people will Break Five the next day, which allows them to open their markets, stores and businesses again.