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Bong-Verified Things About Durga Puja Pandal Hopping That Will Make You Want to Be in Kolkata RN

Durga Puja Pandal Hopping (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Pujo Pujo Gondho and Dhaker Taal are already giving us goosebumps since our favourite Durga Puja celebrations have just begun. Pujo fever has taken over Eastern India, and people are all set with their new attires and enthusiasm to enjoy the gala festival that starts from tomorrow, aka Sashti. Durga Puja 2019 begins on October 4, Sashti (or the sixth day of Navratri) and will last till October 8, Dashami, also known as Bijaya(the tenth day of Navratri). If you have ever lived in West Bengal, you will understand that pandal-hopping isn’t just another random pujo activity but is a FEELING! You don’t just walk and checkout different creative pandals but OWN it. It is that one time of the year that makes you the happiest while you rejoice, binge, dress carefree! Durga Pujo Nostalgia: 7 Memories People Living Away from Home Wouldn’t Trade for the World!

But if you are not a bong or have ever lived in West Bengal, you wouldn’t understand a word we are trying to say. Durga Pujo pandal-hopping is not something you read about, but you experience it for yourself! Nevertheless, here are some bong-verified things about Durga Puja pandal hopping that makes it the best:

Dhaak: You may have heard the Punjabi dhol and even the Nashik dhol that gets you grooving in no time, but have you danced on the beats of a dhaak yet? Go ahead *and I can’t stress this enough* EXPERIENCE!

Fuchka: No, it is not panipuri and it is not golgappe! IT. IS. DIFFERENT. It is impossible to explain with words how amazing it is. Take it from someone who has tried it all.

The Pandals: We haven’t discussed it enough but we really want to! If you want to see next-level art and creativity, you have to visit West Bengal during Durga Puja or even Kali Puja for that matter. Trust me, MIND-BLOWING!

Fairs: Every pandal is placed amidst a fair that will give you total festive feels. You can buy amazing handicraft and try out fun rides.

People: If you really want to around the warmest people during festivities, it has to be West Bengal during Puja. You’ll feel home.

No, seriously, what are you still doing here? How many more reasons do you want? It is an experience everyone should have once in their life. But, well, if you are unable to go to Kolkata, fret not, go to the nearby Durga Puja community celebration and get the feels. Happy Durga Puja to you from Latestly.com family!