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Victoria Day 2017 Holiday

 Canada’s Victoria Day 2017 Holiday is on 22 May 2017  on Monday and it also be called VICTORIA and FIRST PEOPLES DAY.

By doing so, all in Canada would have the opportunity to celebrate our continuing relationship with the Crown and with the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

For centuries, Canadians, the First Nations, the Inuit, and the Metis have had a close affinity with the British Monarchy. Partners in trade, allies in war, friends in peace, and often relatives through marriage and descent – it is from this ancient and honorable relationship that Canada was created.


The newly named holiday would be an opportunity to commemorate that venerable relationship, to celebrate unique Indigenous cultures, to revisit our shared history, and to provide an opportunity for all Canadians to participate in the diverse and extraordinary heritage of our country.

We hope that you and the Parliament of Canada will agree with this proposal.