Pakistan Cricket Board Rejects Allegations Of Unprofessionalism From Former Coach

Pakistan cricket authorities on Friday rejected allegations of unprofessionalism from Steve Rixon, their former fielding coach. Rixon blasted the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for being late with payments and disorganised. Rixon, who was credited for improving the fielding standards of the Pakistan cricket team, did not seek renewal of the two-year contract that expired in June earlier this year. Replying to the allegations, PCB said that it surprised by the ‘unfounded allegations’ made by the former Australian wicketkeeper Rixon.

“They didn’t pay subsidiary staff on time. Everyone was meant to go to the World Cup (2019 in England), which would be the sensible thing to do but not unless they improved their act,” AFP quoted Rixon as saying to Fairfax Media in Australia.

“(I told them), ‘you guys will make me angrier and angrier, and I don’t need it,'” Rixon added.

“If they want outsiders to the country doing the job make sure you look after them,” Rixon remarked.

The PCB rejected Rixon’s claims, saying it was “disappointed by the baseless allegations” and that it “enjoyed cordial relations with all current and former foreign staff attached with national teams.”

“It comes as a surprise to us that Rixon made unfounded allegations,” the cricket authority said in a statement.

“The PCB strongly refutes the allegations made by Rixon in his interview, the foreign coaching staff has full backing and support of the board.”

Pakistan has a number of international figures on its national coaching team — Rixon was replaced by former New Zealand spinner and Scotland coach Grant Bradburn, and the position of batting coach is held by former Zimbabwean batsman Grant Flower.

(With AFP inputs)