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National Chocolate Chip Day 2019: Easy Way to Make Choco Chips at Home and Things That Can Be Made Ten Times Better With These Little Treats! (Watch Recipe Video)

National Chocolate Chip Day (Photo Credits: Pexels and File Photo)

If you thought the universal love for chocolate has a limit, let us tell you that there is a frikkin day dedicated to the tiniest versions of chocolates- chocolate chips! National Chocolate Chip Day is celebrated on May 15th every year to pour all the love and respect for chocolate chips that they rightfully deserve. This holiday is majorly observed by Americans and some people also celebrate on August 4th that celebrates one of the most popular cookies amongst Americans- the chocolate chip cookie!!! The history of the existence of chico chips is quite interesting. It is said that chocolate chips were made by an accident when a baker ran out of baker’s chocolate and opted for semi-sweet instead version instead. In no time the recipe became a hit amongst the Americans. Nestlé, the famous name very soon introduced chocolate “morsels” to the world and then there was no stopping!

Chocolate Chips Recipe

Chocochip is as easy to make at home as delicious it is to eat! All you will need is some dark chocolate/compound (you can even pick white chocolate or milk chocolate), Piping bag or any other stiff plastic bag that you can mould in the form of a cone and butter paper. The method only requires you to melt the chocolate in a double boiler, put it in the piping bag, drop little chocolate chips on the butter paper and wait for it to freeze.

How to make choco chips at home video:

Things Can Be Made Better By Adding Chocolate Chips

This is a rhetorical question! Everything in the world can be made tastier by adding chocolate chips. Like really, think of one sweet thing that cannot be turned 100 times better by adding choco chips? Cookies, ice-cream, cake and kind of confectionary you name, choco chips can only make it better!

List of things that can be made better by adding choco chips:

  • Ice-Cream
  • Cake and pastries
  • Cookies
  • Choco Morsels
  • Shakes
  • Freak shakes
  • If eaten right from the bag, YOUR  MOOD!

Choco chips can make anything taste 10 times better instantly by adding chocolate chips to it. BTW, many people have a habit of eating raw cookie dough because of choco chips in them. The Center for Diseases Prevention and Control (CDC) has released a strict warning against eating raw dough, cookie or otherwise, so keep your hands off the cookie dough!