Major Companies that Offer Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you are looking in to getting a balance transfer credit card then you need to notice some things. One of the first things that you will likely notice is that there is a ton of companies that offer these types of credit cards. Making a decision about which company to use is not simply about which company is better – in fact, there is no clear cut “best” company in most cases. Usually, it involves deciding which options are better for you.

Sometimes, you might make the decision based solely on convenience, as it can make it much easier if you pick a card from a company that you already have an account open with (such as a savings, debit, checking, etc). Nonetheless, you do want to compare between several companies because the offers will differ between them, and you can save a lot of money by comparing.


One big reason to compare between companies is to figure out what their policy is on balance transfer fees, especially if balance transfer is an option that you require in your decision. Some companies do not allow balance transfers whatsoever, but this is becoming rarer as time goes on. Another, more common difference is that some companies charge large fees for balance transfer, while some charge nominal fees. Others offer this feature for no price at all. This is not usually determined strictly by the company of choice, though; as you will find that some companies offer two different cards with two different policies about balance transfers.

Best balance transfer credit cards 2017

Of the many companies that offer cards with balance transfer options, some are better known and global. One of the most global options is Visa, which is accepted in more business locations worldwide than nearly any other payment options. Chase and Bank of America are also both popular payment options, while of course Bank of America is much more widely accepted in North America than elsewhere. Along the lines of Visa is Master Card, which is not quite as widely accepted but sometimes offers some competitive deals on balance transfer and other options (such as APR) in order to get an advantage against Visa.

Rounding out the big global three with Visa and Master Card is the Discover Cards brand, which offers many different credit card options. If you prefer to go with a smaller scale local company, you can look for national banks, state banks, district banks, or even city banks that offer more localized credit options. This is sometimes preferable for those who would like to have a local source of credit.

This list of companies is by no means comprehensive. There are many different options beyond these, each of which offers different policies on credit balance transfers. The only thing that you can do is take the time to visit different offers and compare, and then after a while you will be able to make the best choice for your personal situation.