Kayes & Das Look for Solid Start

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe Live Updates, 1st Test Day 4 at Sylhet: Kayes & Das Look for Solid Start

Imrul Kayes. (AFP Photo)

Day 3 Review: Taijul Islam claimed 11 wickets to lead Bangladesh’s fightback in the first Test against Zimbabwe on Monday, but the hosts still need a record chase to win in Sylhet.Bangladesh dismissed Zimbabwe for 181 in their second innings with Taijul returning impressive bowling figures of 5-62.

Taijul’s effort boosted Bangladesh after they were bowled out cheaply for just 143 in response to the tourists’ first innings haul of 282 runs.

The hosts were 26-0 in their chase of 321 when bad light stopped play on day three at the Sylhet International Stadium.

Opener Liton Das and Imrul Kayes remained unbeaten on 14 and 12 respectively as Bangladesh head into day four with another 295 runs needed to re-write the record books.

No team has ever had to chase so many runs to win a Test match in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s highest successful chase at home is 101 against Zimbabwe in 2014.

Zimbabwe though were on their way to a bigger lead after reaching 165-6 at tea, but spinners made a quick work to pick the remaining four wickets in just 3.4 overs after the break.

Off-spinner Mehidy Hasan and left-arm spinner Nazmul Islam complemented Taijul with 3-48 and 2-27 respectively.

Taijul, who also claimed 6-108 in the first innings, fittingly claimed the final Zimbabwe wicket when he trapped Tendai Chatara leg-before.

Bangladesh had to wait until the ninth over of the day for their first breakthrough when off-spinner Mehidy Hasan bowled Brian Chari for nine.

Chari was earlier dropped by Nazmul Islam off Abu Jayed at backward point on one after he resumed Zimbabwe’s innings on 0-1 with Masakadza.

Imrul took a stunning catch at mid-on as Taijul dismissed Brendon Taylor for 24.

Masakadza and Sean Williams then batted with caution to deny Bangladesh further success in the opening session.

Mehidy trapped Maskadza leg before for 48 after the break before Taijul took control of the innings.

He bowled Williams for 20 and then dismissed Peter Moor for a duck in the next ball.

Raza, who made a quick 25 off 30 balls, was unable to survive long as Taijul spun one beautifully to uproot his middle stump and complete his maiden 10-wicket haul.

Commentary (Bangladesh innings)

13.1 T Chatara to Kayes, No run. 34/0

12.6 S Raza to Das, No run. 34/0

12.5 S Raza to Das, Full and outside off, defended from the crease. 34/0

12.4 S Raza to Das, The batsman defends it from within the crease. 34/0

12.3 S Raza to Das, Landed outside off, Liton pads it away. 34/0

12.2 S Raza to Kayes, Full and outside off, pushed towards point for an easy single. 34/0

12.1 S Raza to Kayes, Turn! Short and outside off, Kayes looks to cut but the ball spins and bounces to beat the outside edge. 33/0

11.6 T Chatara to Das, One more leave outside off to end the over. 33/0

11.5 T Chatara to Das, Landed outside off, on a length, shouldered arms to. 33/0

11.4 T Chatara to L Das, FOUR! First boundary of the day. Short and outside off, Das cuts it behind point for a boundary. 288 more to win. Das moves to 21 with his third boundary. The stand is worth 33 now. 33/0

11.3 T Chatara to Das, Outside off, left alone. 29/0

11.2 T Chatara to Das, Landed outside off, on a length, defended watchfully. 29/0

11.1 T Chatara to Das, Full and down the leg side, a loosener, flicked through mid-wicket for a couple. 29/0

Tendai Chatara to bowl from the other end.

10.6 S Raza to Kayes, On a length outside off, well blocked out. 27/0

10.5 S Raza to Kayes, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground. 27/0

10.4 S Raza to Das, On middle, flicked to mid-wicket for a single. 27/0

10.3 S Raza to Das, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. 26/0

10.2 S Raza to Das, Full and outside off, watchfully defended. 26/0

The players are out in the middle. As you must have guessed by now, this is an EARLY START to make up for the lost overs yesterday. Sikandar Raza to continue his pending over.

Steve Rhodes, Bangladesh’s coach is up next for an interview with Shamim Chowdhury. He says that chasing the target would be tough but at the same time, believes that it is possible. On Bangladeshi batsmen lacking patience, Rhodes says that the team keeps surprising him – first throwing it away and then fighting back. On any advice, Steve smiles and says that he does not say much because these are professional and international cricketers and know what needs to be done.

Ed Rainsford is having a chat with Kyl Jarvis. The latter tells that his body is feeling good and hopes he can do well on this last day. Then corrects himself and adds the word PROBABLY before last day. Reckons that the fuller length might be the easier one to score off and hopes that his side will be patient for wickets. Feels that this is a big day for a visitors and early wickets will be key. Also states that this is not a wicket where you can run in and blast the batsmen out, but be patient and tie down the opposition and get wickets.

PITCH REPORT – Tino Mawoyo observes that there is visible widening of the cracks on the surface. There will be turn available but the cracks are outside the line of the stumps. Does not feel batting will be too difficult but one of two instances of the ball misbehaving can cause doubts in the minds of the batsmen.

The visitors are in the driver’s seat but the hosts surely can’t be ruled out. They will have to bat out of their skins if they are to come out victorious. The wicket is turning and the tourists will expect their spinners to do the job for them. Who will take a 1-0 lead in the series? Join us to find out.

295 runs is what Bangladesh need and 10 wickets is what Zimbabwe need to take. The equation is quite clear and with 2 days to go, a draw is just out of the picture. However, one would assume Day 4 just might be the last day of this Test match. Welcome to the coverage.

… Day 4, Session 1 …

Bangladesh have done well so far, as they need 295 runs to win, but the Day 4 surface will be a different beast to bat on. The ball is turning already and will do so even more, so the challenge will be tough on a menacing track. Seems like the second last day of the Test match will more or less decide what happens. We will have an early start at 0930 local, to make up for the time lost on Day 3. Do join in for that. Cheers!

So an entertaining day comes to a close. A lot of wickets fell. You could say it’s Bangladesh’s day as they bowled Zimbabwe out and survived the remainder of the day without losing a single wicket, but in the grand scheme of things you’d have to think Zimbabwe are in the driver’s seat. The visitors will be disappointed with themselves, however, as not a single batsman managed to score a fifty. They will be content, though would have liked to score some more and put up on the board.

Update 1640 local – So the umpires have decided that no further play will be possible in these conditions, so play has been called off. STUMPS ON DAY 3!

Umpire Richard Kettleborough has taken another reading and asked the players to leave the field. PLAY HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO BAD LIGHT! We’ll keep you posted as and when there are some updates. Stay tuned…

10.1 Raza to Das, Not out! The ball was doing too much. Good call from umpire Kettleborough. Landed outside off and it rips off the deck, turns in sharply and catches Liton Das on the front pad who comes ahead to block. Loud shout, the umpire shakes his head. Raza has a chat with his skipper and Hamilton decides to review it after that. It’s taken upstairs and replays show that the ball was spinning down leg. Review wasted. 26/0

The DRS has been taken. Raza has caught Das leg before and given not out. Zimbabwe review it and it’s over to the TV umpire now…

Drinks are on the field. Also, Sikandar Raza is brought into the attack.

9.6 T Chatara to Das, The batsman pushes it towards covers. The batsman pick up a single. 26/0

9.5 T Chatara to Das, Wide outside off stump, the batsman leaves it alone. 25/0

9.4 T Chatara to Das, Bowls full on middle stump, Das defends on the front foot. 25/0

9.3 T Chatara to Das, The ball is way outside the off stump, the batsman lets it go. 25/0

9.2 T Chatara to Kayes, The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. The batsmen have run through for a single. 25/0

9.1 T Chatara to Kayes, Short and wide outside off stump, Kayes drives it towards covers but Raza does an excellent job with a dive to his right and saves a certain boundary. 24/0

8.6 K Jarvis to Das, FOUR! Edged and away! Ahead of a length, quite close to off and this one doesn’t bounce either. Das hangs his bat out, opens the bat face slightly and gets an edge through the slip cordon for a boundary. 24/0

8.5 K Jarvis to Das, Marginally ahead of a length outside off, arms are shouldered to this one. 20/0

8.4 K Jarvis to Das, Serves a good length ball on the fourth stump line, not much bounce on it as it skids off the deck. Das covers the line and watches the ball go past him. 20/0

8.3 K Jarvis to Das, Touch straight in line, pushed back in the bowler’s direction from inside the crease. 20/0

8.2 K Jarvis to Das, Shot. The timing on that is good. Back of a length, Das stays on the back foot and punches it through the gap in the covers. Two fielders chase after it and keeps the batsmen down to two. 20/0

8.1 K Jarvis to Das, Short of a good length on off stump, Liton off the back foot plays it back down the track. 18/0

7.6 T Chatara to Kayes, Again on a good length, Kayes stands tall and defends on the back foot. 18/0

7.5 T Chatara to Kayes, Length delivery on off stump, Kayes lets it go. 18/0

7.4 T Chatara to Kayes, That ball has struck the batsman on the thigh pad. 18/0

7.3 T Chatara to Kayes, Good length delivery on off stump, Kayes defends on the front foot. 18/0

7.2 T Chatara to Kayes, The batsman chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump. 18/0

7.1 T Chatara to I Kayes, FOUR! Good length delivery outside off stump, Imrul gets an outside edge towards third slip and it runs away for a boundary. 18/0

6.6 K Jarvis to Das, Full again on leg stump, the batsman pushes it towards leg side. 14/0

6.5 K Jarvis to Das, Bowls full on off stump, the batsman defends on the front foot. 14/0

6.4 K Jarvis to Das, Full on off stump, Litton hits it towards mid on. 14/0

6.3 K Jarvis to Das, Bowls full on middle stump, Das defends on the front foot. 14/0

6.2 K Jarvis to Das, Played to the point region by the batsman. 14/0

6.1 K Jarvis to Das, Bowls a length delivery on leg stump, Das plays it towards mid-wicket. 14/0

5.6 T Chatara to Das, A touch straight in line again, clipped through to deep backward square leg for a single. 14/0

5.5 T Chatara to Das, Too full and sprayed on the pads, easy enough for Das to flick it through square leg. A couple of runs result. 13/0

5.4 T Chatara to Das, Back of a length outside off, Liton looks to cut but it goes under his bat. Not enough bounce on that occasion. 11/0

5.3 T Chatara to Das, Full delivery around off, driven off the inner half down the ground. Mid on moves to his left and cuts it off. 11/0

5.2 T Chatara to Das, FOUR! Shot. Short, wide and outside off, no way Das misses out on this one. He stands back and cuts it fiercely through point for a boundary. 11/0

5.1 T Chatara to I Kayes, Full and angling away, outside off, Kayes gets it off the outer half to gully. The fielder there misfields and lets it through, allowing the batsmen to cross over. 7/0

4.6 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls short on off stump, Imrul drives it towards covers. The fielder chases it and stops it. The batsman picks up a single. 6/0

4.5 K Jarvis to Kayes, The batsman lets the ball go outside his off stump. 5/0

4.4 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls full on off stump, the batsman plays it towards point. 5/0

4.3 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls length outside off stump, the batsman lets it go. 5/0

4.2 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls full on off stump, Kayes defends on the back foot. 5/0

4.1 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls a length delivery on leg stump, Imrul flicks it towards mid-wicket. 5/0

3.6 T Chatara to Das, A bit of room offered as Chatara pitches it outside off on a length, Das goes back, opens the face and punches it square to point. 5/0

3.5 T Chatara to Das, On a good length, close to off, played to point from inside the crease. 5/0

3.4 T Chatara to Das, Liton Das sees the ball landing outside off, so he raises his bat and lets it be. 5/0

3.3 T Chatara to Das, Full in length, on middle and leg, flicked to mid-wicket. No run taken. 5/0

3.2 T Chatara to Das, Full on off, coming in and then shaping away late, pushed to covers from the front foot. 5/0

3.1 T Chatara to Das, Good length delivery on the fifth stump line, left alone for the keeper to collect. 5/0

2.6 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls short and wide outside off stump, the batsman lets it go. 5/0

2.5 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls full on middle stump, Imrul plays it towards mid-wicket. 5/0

2.4 K Jarvis to Kayes, Length delivery on off stump, the batsman defends on the front foot. 5/0

2.3 K Jarvis to Kayes, FOUR! Bowls full on the pads, Kayes flicks it through square leg for a boundary. 5/0

2.2 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls short again on off stump, the batsman defends on the back foot. 1/0

2.1 K Jarvis to Kayes, Bowls short on off stump, Kayes defends on the back foot. 1/0

1.6 T Chatara to Das, Fraction straight in line, Liton moves inside the line and works it down towards the man in front of square leg. 1/0

1.5 T Chatara to L Das, Coming in at first and then shaping away late from off, on a length, Das stays inside the crease and defends it down on the off side. 1/0

1.4 T Chatara to Das, Good length delivery outside off, dabbed to point with an open face. 1/0

1.3 T Chatara to Das, Hurls it too far outside off, Das has nothing to do with it. 1/0

1.2 T Chatara to Kayes, First runs of the innings for Kayes and Bangladesh. Full in length and coming in on the pads, Imrul flicks it down towards fine leg for a single. 1/0

1.1 T Chatara to Kayes, Moving away from around off, full in length, Kayes plays it out off the front foot. 0/0

Tendai Chatara to bowl from the other end. Two slips and a gully in place.

0.6 K Jarvis to Das, Speared full on off stump, driven straight back to the bowler. 0/0

0.5 K Jarvis to Das, The batsman lets the ball go outside his off stump. 0/0

0.4 K Jarvis to Das, Works this away towards mid-wicket for no run. 0/0

0.3 K Jarvis to Das, Quite full, on middle and leg, Das looks to flick this across the line but there’s a hint of shape away which takes the leading edge. Luckily for Liton, it falls safely on the off side. 0/0

0.2 K Jarvis to Das, In the channel outside off with some extra bounce for Kyle Jarvis, Das comes half-forward and leaves it alone. 0/0

0.1 K Jarvis to Das, Length delivery outside off, moving further away, Liton Das withdraws his bat and lets it go. 0/0

First Published: November 6, 2018, 8:55 AM IST