Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episodes 19 & 20 Review: Have Mariam’s hardships finally ended?

Another dual episodes of drama serial Kaisa Hai Naseeban on aired yesterday. The drama has very artfully depicted sufferings of marital abuse and domestic violence bringing to the forefront reasons why we ought to keep a check and balance on our daughters once they’re married as well.

Ramsha Khan has brilliantly carried the role of a domestic violence victim who endures all the brutality of her in laws till her silence costs her the life of her own child and her ability to become a mother. Muneeb Butt as Ahmed and Uzma Gillani as Musarrat are also amazing. Farhan Malhi has done a convincing part as Waheed. The actor has a good screen presence and makes you want to see him more. A moving script, brilliantly penned down by Samina Ijaz and directed by Ahmed Bhatti, Kaisa Hai Naseeban is a winner indeed.

Waheed is still besides Mariam helping her out in her post trauma phase. It is Waheed who arranges an agent for her from the Pakistani embassy and the person after knowing all her sufferings helps to send her back to Pakistan! Well on the other side that shrewd Ahmed is shamelessly living at his Mamoo’s place after ruining his very daughter’s life. Ahmed has the audacity to conveniently face everyone and pretend all is well. Well his drama does not last long till Mariam finally reaches home surprising both her parents with her sudden arrival and ill condition.

Mariam cries her heart out in front of her parents and tells them the truth. She opens up about her marital abuse claiming how she has now lost the ability to conceive again. Mariam’s father gets furious on listening the heart wrenching story of his daughter, he throws Ahmed out of her house and when her sister calls her to inquire about her son, he replies that he has no relation with her anymore. Mariam is finally rescued from that abusive relationship but she has definitely lost a lot in her struggle. Had she been strong and brave before she could have saved herself from the disaster.

Mariam’s father health is deteriorating day by day and the reason doctor suggests is the negligence where they didn’t get their tests done. Well it was that same heartless Ahmed who deliberately ignored his Mamoo’s tests and he is responsible for bringing him to that stage. Mariam is now resolute that she is not going to keep any relation with Ahmed and his family and now she will live her life independently and is going to support her parents like a son.

Well on the other hand Ahmed’s mother and sister are living in a very miserable state. Sana is forced to look out for a job despite of her mother’s disapproval but she has no other choice. Ahmed has the same ugly self, he gets a job at a petrol pump by begging a man and the person hires him and is always very kind to him but he is not aware of all the game which is running in Ahmed’s head. Yes that fraud thankless man is thinking to steal the money from that petrol pump and to fly back to Malaysia! Mariam’s father is not supporting her idea of working and he is not allowing her for a job but in the end we see that Mariam’s father health condition gets worsen and he is hospitalized.

Rather interesting build up of events up till now, we’re eager to find out what happens next. However one point in the promo, that we saw, could drag the story. Affan, who is happily married to Farah, should not be shown interested in Mariam anymore. But things might get a bit edgy for everyone, now that Mariam is back home.

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