Google Doodle Honors Duke Kahanamoku, the Father of Surfing

Today The day of Monday’s Google Doodle celebrates 125th birthday Duke Kahanamoku happy birthday to Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing by Kahanamoku Doodle.


The son of a policeman, Duke Kahanamoku was born August 24, 1890 in Honolulu, Hawaii and grew up on Waikiki. Duke Kahanamoku was an American swimmerand achieved 5 medsls in swimimg. Not enough the King Of all swimmers also known as an lawman, actor, early beach volleyball player and businessman credited with spreading the sport of surfing.

Duke Kahanamoku also called as Duke that is nice giving after his father. If we discuss big achievement then, Duke win Gold Medal and Silver Medal in the 100 meter freestyle & men’s 4×200 meter freestyle relay respectively at the Summer Olympics. In 1912 Duke also qualified for the US Olympic swimming team.

Duke was passed in January 22, 1968 due to heart attack at the age of 77 years. Today the Google Doodle decided to hono give honor to Duke Kahanamoku with sketching a 16 ft picture along with a friendly likeness of the icon’s face of ‘Ambassador of Aloha’ Duke Kahanamoku with his beloved Hawaii as a background.