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Firing in two areas of Gwadar, 10 workers Killed

Pakistan in Gwadar, Balochistan Province, officials say unidentified gunmen have killed 10 workers while construction and injured several others.

The incident took place in Gwadar pakisan area according to statement of Commissioner Makran Division Ms. Bashir.

Balochistan Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti said from China Pakistan Economic Corridor stream respective that the identity of the killed workers in firing incident is being continue. The city Gwader of province of Baluchistan most important city of Pakistan.

Levies officials said 10 workers who died from the Sindh region Naushero Feroz.

He said more that the gunmen opened fire at the workers when they were engaged in building a road.

The deceased workers dead and injured have been shifted to District Headquarters Hospital Gwadar.

After firing the levies, officials said the attackers managed to escape.

gwader firing 10 killed

Qadir Bakhsh, a laborer working in countless eyewitness told the BBC that “They can be added to the side after his collection and firing workers.”

One Worker said in reply to a question “We are one and a half years while working here and no security is here since 2 years and today.

According to Workers two men came on a motorcycle and  He said that “Hand up’s and make a line. After that he’s fired on us”.

The attack in Gwadar was a time when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on China trip with ministers of the four provinces high.

China Pakistan Economic corridor is important project between China and Pakistan which is used to delivered all goods from china to other Asian countries and Europe countries.  Gwadar Port is important role in future trading in many countries.