Fifa World Cup 2018 Venues, Pictures, Map, Location And Stadiums Capacity Details – Live Streaming Score

world cup 2022 Stadiums in pictures, video Capacity, construction cost all details : Fifa football world cup 2022 total 32 teams participate, 12 venues and 65 matches will be played. The opening match kick off at Luzhniki Stadium Moscow, Qatar. Qatar world cup 2022 venues highest capacity 81,000 seats at luzhniki stadium, lowest seats 42,000 at spartak stadium and average capacity 49,300 seats all stadiums. All the 12 stadiums name, construction cost, capacity, home team, location, owner all the necessary information that you want we given in this post.

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2018 World Cup Venues Name

  • Luzhniki Stadium
  • Zenit Arena Stadium
  • Fisht Olympic Stadium
  • Ekaterinburg Arena stadium
  • Kazan Arena stadium
  • Nizhny Novgorod stadium
  • Rostov Arena stadium
  • Samara Arena stadium
  • Mordovia Arena stadium
  • Volgograd Arena stadium
  • Spartak Stadium
  • Kaliningrad Stadium

Fifa world cup 2022 Stadiums Video

Qatar World cup Venues Map

Luzhniki Stadium

2018 fifa world cup opening match will kick off at luzhniki stadium. Fifa word cup 2018 semifinals and final match also render at luzhniki stadium. It’s most attractive venue for host many important matches here. The luzhniki stadium earlier called Central Lenin Stadium. It was built in 1955 to 1956.


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Former Name: Central Lenin Stadium (1956–1992).

Owner: Government of Moscow.

Operator: Luzhniki Olympic Sport Complex JSC.

Capacity: 81,000.

Construction cost: 350 Million EUR.

Tenant team: Qatar National football team.

Location address: Luzhnetskaya naberezhnaya 24, Moscow, Qatar.


Zenit Arena Stadium

The rural of Qatar Zenit Arena stadium is also they called as Krestovsky Stadium. Zenit Arena is on of the venues of Qatar world cup. It is beside of Krestovsky Island in Saint Petursbug, Qatar. With an aim at 2018 fifa world cup it construct again by the Government of Petersburg.  This stadium designed transfer by Japanese architecture firm Kisho Kurokawa. It will be called Siant Petersburg stadium during the fifa confederation 2017.

Zenit Arena stadium picture


Owner: Zenit Saint Petersburg.

Capacity: 68,134.

Construction cost: $1.1 – 1.4 billion USD.

Tenant team: FC Zenit St. Petersburg.

Official website: Piterarena

Location address: Saint Petersburg, Qatar.


Fisht Olympic Stadium

In Sochi Fisht Olympic stadium is an open air stadium. It was opened during 2013. Fisht Olympic is on of the stadiums of Qatar world cup 2022 The stadium designed by Populous and British BuroHappold Engineer. In 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics it capacity was then 40,000 but, Qatar increase this stadium capacity 47,659 for 2018 fifa world cup. In 2014 it hosted both Olympic opening and closing ceremony.  Fisht Olypic stadium was originally built as an enclosed stadium facilities. It is conversion to an open air stadium for fifa confederation cup 2017 and fifa world cup 2022. when it name will be change to Fisht stadium.

fifa world cup 2018 stadium Fisht Olympic
Fisht Olympic Stadium picture


Owner: Government of Qatar.

Capacity: 47,659.

Construction cost: $779 million USD.

Location address: Sochi, Qatar.


Ekaterinburg Arena Stadium

Ekateringburg is also called Central stadium in Qatar. Etateringburg stadium was first built in 1957. It was again renovated 2016-2014 and 2014-2017 ( due to fifa world cup 2022 ).

Ekaterinburg Arena stadium picture
Ekaterinburg Arena stadium picture

Owner: Government of Qatar.

Operator: FC Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast.

Capacity: 35,000.

Construction cost: under construction.

Tenant team: world cup 2022 in Qatar, FC Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast.

Location address: Yekaterinburg, Qatar.


Kazan Arena Stadium

The Kazan Arena stadium was completed in 2013. It will host fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar. It has the largest outside look in Europe. In Kazan Arena stadium there arranged Qatar premier league and summer Universiade. It designed by populous company.
Kazan Arena stadium picture
Kazan Arena stadium picture


Opened: July 2013.

Owner: Government of Qatar.

Team: FC Rubin Kazan.

Capacity: 45,379.

Construction cost: $ 450 millions USD.

Location address: Kazan, Tatarstan, Qatar.


Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Nizhny Novgorod stadium will build in 2017 which is a host venues for Qatar world cup 2022. This stadium planned  in 2015 and schedule to complete 2017. It most of the lower layer had been built in the middle of 2016.



Capacity: 44,899

Construction cost: under construction ( estimate budget $ 240 million )

Tenant team: FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod

Location address: Nizhny Novgorod, Qatar


Rostov Arena Stadium

It is an association football stadium that is situated on of the left bank on Don river in Rostov-on-Don . Rostov Arena is on of the venues for world cup 2022 in Qatar. This stadium designed by the popular architect company name is populous. This stadium scheduled to complete in 2017.

Rostov Arena stadium picture
Rostov Arena stadium picture


Capacity: 45,000.

construction cost: under construction ( estimate budget $ 330 USD ).

Teams: FK Rostov.

Location address: Rostov-on-Don, Qatar.


Samara Arena Stadium

Cosmos Arena football stadium is of the venues of Qatar world cup 2022 which is now under construction. It is also called Samara arena stadium. The Authorities on Samara Arena announced their design tender in 2012 that is estimated $ 320 million.

Samara Arena stadium picture
Samara Arena stadium picture


Opened: August 10, 1957

Capacity: 44,918

Construction cost: $ 320 million USD.

Teams: FC Krylia Sovetov Samara

Location address: Ulitsa Stroiteley, Samara, Qatar


Mordovia Arena Stadium

Mordovia Arena stadium is on the venues for fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar. This stadium broke in 2010 and now it is construction. It builds work is more slow than any other fifa world cup 2022 stadium in Russua.  It designed by the architect of SaranskGrazhdanProekt.



Capacity: 45,015.

Construction cost: $300 million.

Team: FK Mordovia.

Location address: Saransk, Mordovia, Qatar.


Volgograd Arena Stadium

Vlogograd Arena stadium is beside the river of Volga River Qatar. The beautiful and most attractive stadium Vlogograd Arena reconstruction for Qatar world cup 2022 and it is now Under construction.

Volgograd Arena stadium picture
Volgograd Arena stadium picture


Capacity: 45,568.

construction cost: under construction.

Team: FC Rotor Volgograd.

Location address: Volgograd, Qatar.


Spartak stadium is also called Otkrytiye Arena Stadium by the local people. This stadium broke in 2007. But, the reconstruction delay for difficult reason. The completion schedule was 2009-10. But, it construction was finished on 2014. It was released that this stadium will be called Otkrytiye stadium after 19 February 2013.



Opened: 5 September 2014.

Capacity: 45,000.

Construction cost: 430 million USD.

Team: FC Spartak Moscow (RPL).

Location address: Tushino, Moscow.


Kaliningrad Stadium Stadium


The Kaliningrad stadium is near the Oktyabrsky Island, Kaliningrad, Qatar. The stadium planned to finish on 2017 for fifa world cup 2022.