What are Balance Transfer Credit Cards?

If you have been using a credit card for a while, but you come across a better offer, you may consider switching credit card provider companies. This can leave a problem, though, as you will have a remaining balance on your old credit card even as you are creating one on your new one. While there are several different types of balance transfer cards, many of them would be helpful in a situation such as this. There are also balance transfer cards that would be good for paying off certain debts or working in other common capacities that can help you balance your budget on a more organized schedule. As with any decision related to your credit, it is important to understand how balance transfer credit cards work and what stipulations come along with them.


As mentioned earlier, one of the main types of these balance transfer cards are designed so that you can transfer your balance from the old card to the new card. This is almost always a service of the new company, as the old company that you are leaving does not want to make it easier for you to leave them. This means that when you are researching new credit card companies, you need to make sure that they offer this feature if it is one that you are interested in. You also will want to pay attention to any fees that are associated with this feature. Even though balance transfer credit cards are becoming increasingly common as time goes on, it is important to note that many companies charge a sizable fee to take advantage of this option. If you look further, though, you will discover that some companies offer a special deal that allows you to make a balance transfer without paying any fees whatsoever.

Some people also refer to balance transfer credit cards when they are speaking about a cash advance, meaning that they can transfer credit from their credit card into cash in the bank. This can help by allowing you to pay off bills or other important payments on time without having to get a more expensive loan from a local cash advance company. Some people choose to combine these two features (transferring balance from old card and using a cash advance) to help balance their debt and pay it off on a uniform schedule. As with any important financial decisions, it is best to consult professional advice. Also, when you are making a choice about which balance transfer credit card to select, you will want to compare the benefits, rewards, rate, and penalty fees that would be associated with the account. Looking at this from all sides will help ensure that you get the best credit card possible.